The Code Advisory Board provides advice and assistance to the Commissioner in the administration of the Uniform Construction Code. 

There are 15 members designated by statute (N.J.S.A. 52:27D-125)—four are public members that are not designated to represent a specific interest group.  However, of the four undesignated public members, two now represent specific interest groups—one member represents elevator inspectors and chairs the Elevator Safety Subcode Committee; the other represents technical assistants who manage the local code enforcement offices and assist construction officials in the administration of the Uniform Construction Code.  The other 11 members hold designated seats as follows:  licensed fire prevention inspector; public member representing people with disabilities; licensed professional engineer (mechanical);  licensed electrical inspector; architect; licensed professional engineer (structural); public health official; builder; municipal building official; public member representing consumers; and licensed plumbing inspector. These seats are appointed by the Commissioner and the terms are for four years; the membership list follows:

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  • Board Members




    Beth Pochtar, PE
    (Chair, CAB)


    Professional Engineer

    John Scialla
    (Vice Chair, CAB;
    Chair, Building Subcode Committee)


    Municipal Building Official

    Douglas Boydston
    (Chair, Elevator Subcode Committee)


    Public Member 

    Mark Caputo


    Public Health Official

    John Del Colle
    (Chair, Barrier Free Subcode Committee)


    Public Member, Advocate for People with Disabilities

    Henry Kelly



    Kathy Herity 


    Public Member 

    Arthur Londensky
    (Chair, Fire Protection Subcode Committee)


    Licensed Fire Prevention Inspector

    Tony Neibert
    (Chair, Electrical Subcode Committee) 


    Licensed Electrical Inspector

    Robert Mellohusky, P.E.
    (Chair, Mechanical/Energy Subcodes Committee)


    Licensed Professional Engineer (Mechanical)

    Gregory Moten, AIA 



    Steven Rodzinak
    (Chair, Plumbing Subcode Committee)


    Licensed Plumbing Inspector

    Michael Seeve


    Public Member

    Valerie Waricka
    (Represents Technical Assistants)


    Public Member



    Public Member

    The Code Advisory Board typically meets the second Friday, every other month, beginning in February.  All meetings are held at the Department of Community Affairs, 101 South Broad Street, Trenton, Room 129.  The meetings begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.

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  • 2021 Board Meetings
    Feb 12 - Cancelled
    Apr 09 - Agenda; Minutes
    Jun 11 - Agenda; Minutes 
    Aug 13 - Agenda; Minutes (to be approved at next meeting)
    Oct 15 - Agenda
    Dec 10

    * For those of you from the public that would like to attend virtually (currently, the only option), please see the applicable Agenda above for instructions.  Otherwise, please reach out to

    ** Italiczed date (Oct 15) means the meeting does not follow the normal 2nd Friday of the even number months.

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  • 2020 Board Meetings
    Jun 12 -- Minutes
    Dec 11 -- Minutes
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  • 2019 Board Meetings
    Feb 08 -- Minutes
    Oct 11 -- Minutes
    Dec 13 -- Minutes
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  • 2018 Board Meetings
    Apr 13 -- Minutes
    Jun 08 -- Minutes
    Oct 12 -- Minutes
    Dec 14 -- Minutes
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  • 2017 Board Meetings
    Feb 10 -- Minutes
    Jun 09 -- Minutes
    Dec 08 -- Minutes
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  • 2016 Board Meetings
    Feb 12 -- Minutes
    Jul 15 -- Minutes
    Oct 14 -- Minutes

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  • 2015 Board Meetings
    Jun 12 -- Minutes
    Oct 09 -- Minutes
    Dec 11 -- Minutes
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  • 2014 Board Meetings
    Apr 11 -- Minutes
    Sep 23 -- Minutes
    Dec 12 -- Minutes
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  • Older Board Minutes
    2013 - 2008
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