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Per P.L.2021, c.104 and Executive Order (EO) 244, EO 103 will expire on July 4, 2021.  Rule relaxations and guidance tied to EO 103 will begin to expire.  For example, permit applications received after August 3, 2021 for Minor Work projects, as referenced within the "Ongoing Construction Guidance" below, are to follow the normal operating procedures of the Uniform Construction Code, N.J.A.C. 5:23.

* Outdoor Dining & Similar Uses
* Protocols for Hotel Sanitization (07/09/2020)
   NJ DOH Executive Directive No. 20-024
** CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting Information
Temporary Emergency Shelters for the Homeless (03/25/2020)
** Notice, pp 1-4; Guidance, pp 5-6
   NOTE 1:  While EO 103 remains in effect, so too does this Guidance per
   the Notice above.
   NOTE 2:  When entering buildings/homes for inspection, cloth masks or
   face coverings should be worn by both the inspector and any individual
   present at the inspection site.
   NOTE 3:  Any work contemplated or undertaken pursuant to this guidance
   must be performed in accordance with the Uniform Construction Code.
   Request Form notes:
   1 - Select "Other" under "Permitting Issuing Agency"
   2 - Input "NJDCA, UCC" under "Permit Type"
** Public Notice (designates NJDEP as responsible agency)
  List of Permits Extended (see "other agency")
  Extension Timeline Info (07/01/2021)
* Outdoor Dining & Similar Uses
** Winter Tenting Guidance (11/25/2020)
** Executive Order (EO) 194 (11/12/2020)
** Executive Order (EO) 150 (06/15/2020)
* Essential Construction Projects, EO 122
** Executive Order (EO) 122 (04/10/2020, 8pm)
*** Religious facilities, Administrative Order (AO) 2020-11 (05/02/2020)
*** Solar Projects, BPU Press Release (05/01/2020)
** DCA Guidance (amended by AO and BPU above)
   NOTE:  Non-essential construction may resume at 6am on Monday, May 18, 2020.
** Executive Order (EO) 142 (05/18/2020, 6am)
** DCA Notification (email, 05/14/2020)
* ICC Response Center
** Considerations for Converting Outdoor Spaces into Temporary Seating Spaces