Construction Activity Reporting

All municipalities are required to submit monthly activity reports to the DCA by the 7th of each month. If a municipality has issued more than 200 permits in any year, they must submit their monthly activity reports electronically via State Approved permitting software package(s).



UPDATE: 4/13/2020 -- The PermitsNJ software application will continue to run after June 30, 2020. Municipalities still using PermitsNJ may continue to do so after June 30, 2020. Be advised there will be limited technical support from the Department. Municipalities should continue to pursue an alternative permitting software as soon as is possible. Division staff have been, and will continue to, provide towns with a full data export from PermitsNJ for the purpose of data conversion beyond June 30, 2020. Any questions or concerns should be directed to

For further information about Construction Activity Reporting or PermitsNJ:
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