Manufactured/Modular Construction involves the off-site construction of buildings in a factory. Because the buildings arrive as closed construction (there are structural, electrical, plumbing and fire service elements that cannot be seen), inspections and approval for the work off site is done in the factory where the building or component is built.

Modular buildings, which may be of any use group, are intended for installation on permanent foundations (generally without means for relocation) and are designed and built to meet New Jersey’s adopted building codes. The State of New Jersey participates in an Interstate Compact for the construction of modular buildings. For states participating in the compact, such as New Jersey, an Industrialized buildings Commission (IBC) label is affixed attesting to the fact that the unit has passed the required inspections in the factory and meets the participating States codes. Questions or complaints about modular construction can be directed to the Code Assistance/Development Unit at (609) 984-7609.

Manufactured (HUD) Homes are limited to buildings of [use] group R-5 (single family dwellings), generally incorporate a chassis into their construction (they are therefore able to be relocated), and are designed and constructed to meet federal construction standards (CFR Title 24 Part 3285). The units are built in plants that are approved under the Federal manufactured home program. The inspection of the units is performed in accordance with the plants approved quality control program with oversight by a third party inspection agency. As of August 5, 2019, the Department’s status as a State Administrative Agency for HUD has been removed. The Federal government is now solely responsible for oversight of the installation of manufactured homes in the State of New Jersey. Installation contractors are required to be licensed by HUD and are be required to attend continuing education classes as required by HUD. Installations are to be inspected by third party inspectors approved by HUD. A certification that the installation meets the requirements of the Federal installation standards are to be completed. In addition, any complaints regarding the installation of a manufactured home are to be referred to HUD for resolution. For more information on the HUD dispute resolution program, please see the brochure listed below under the “Related Information” heading.

Related Information

NJAC 5:23-4A Industrialized/Modular Buildings and Building Components
NJAC 5:23-4B (Reserved - formerly "Manufactured Homes and Manufactured Home Add on Units")
NJAC 5:23-4C (Reserved - formerly "Enforcement of Federal Manufactured Home Standards")
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Bulletin 07-1 Premanufactured Construction
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