Ride Permit Processing Procedures


Application Forms:

Review the computer generated “Application for Permit To Operate Carnival-Amusement Rides. The application indicates those rides for which a renewal will be granted for the current season. If a ride is not to be permitted for the current season, you should cross out the entry. If a ride has been sold, please indicate the new owner name, address, and phone number so that the information can be verified if and when the new owner applies for a permit.

Billed Permit Fees:

The permit fees are: Super Rides are billed at $840, Major Rides at $560, Kiddie and Inflatables at $280. The fee noted on the form should be paid and if after application it is found that a fee was incorrect, adjustments will be made either by refund or additional payment. If you do not pay the fee as billed, the annual permit review process is delayed until the correct fee is paid.

A replacement plate may be obtained at a cost of $100 per plate and a replacement permit at a cost of $20. In either case, a written request must be made to the Department indicating the original plate or permit number to be replaced, requests by phone will not be processed.

The application must be accompanied by a check made payable to “Treasurer State of New Jersey” for the full amount.

Application Requirements:

The enclosed application form must be the form submitted for the current year’s permit applications. The form must be filled out completely, dated, signed and title provided. Do not add any rides to the application; contact the Department to find out the proper procedure. Rides added to this form will not be processed. Again, this provided form must be used, forms from prior years will be returned to owners.

Required Insurance Documents:

This application must be accompanied by a Certificate of Insurance, a bond, or other security for a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence for each covered ride indicating compliance with the Act. The insurance carrier must be an approved New Jersey insurer. The Certificate or other security must be current and remain in effect for the entire season. If the expiration occurs during the season, the owner understands that if the policy or security is not renewed in a timely manner that the ride(s) shall be closed to the public until such policy or security is fully reinstated. If such a closure occurs, a penalty shall be assessed if operation occurs without proper coverage.

Where do I send the annual application?

NJ Dept of Community Affairs

Office of State and Local Code Inspections

Carnival Amusement Ride Safety Unit

101 South Broad Street, 4th floor

PO Box 816

Trenton, NJ 08625-0816

Attention: Annual Permit Unit

Permit Distribution:

Once the ride is approved, the permits will be printed and sent out. Once you have received your permits complete the Rides Online Inspection Request form to schedule an inspection of your ride and application of the validated permit. For those rides operating all year, complete the form and submit it to the Department for an inspection as soon as you have received your permits. It is the owner’s responsibility to bring the permit(s) to the ride site and the owner shall not apply the permit to the ride since a raised seal must validate it before it is applied to the ride(s).