DFS Telephone Contact Directory

E-Mail Contact Information 

Division Administration

Marylain Kemp, Publications
Karen Luckie, RIMS/Website
Lucille Ventres, Logistical Coordinator

Karen Luckie
Pete D'Amore

Aida Jones, Fiscal Supervisor

Tonya Daniels, Fiscal
Tracy Holmes, Fiscal

Bureau of Fire Code Enforcement
Louis Kilmer, Bureau Chief
Jean Janukowicz, Assistant

Pete D'Amore
Glenn Smyth

BFCE Code Administrative Staff

Patricia Gaines
Sheila Harris
Geraldine Love
Yolanda Mack
Jayne Rossy

Local Assistance
Frank Clark, Supervisor

George Beckett, Southwest Field Representative
Paul Elenio, Northeast Field Representative
Vince Lombardi, Northwest Field Representative
Britton Schulmeister, Southeast Field Representative

Supervisors of Inspections/Registrations
Pete D'Amore, Supervisor
Glenn Smyth, Supervisor
Bob Lenox, Supervisor, Code Enforcement South Team 2
James Mudd, Supervisor, Code Enforcement North Team 2
Stephen Speicher, Supervisor, Code Enforcement South Team 1
Lawrence Wheeler, Supervisor, Code Enforcement North Team 1

Legislative & Regulatory
Andrew Kondor, Supervisor

When mailing correspondence to the Division please use the address below:

Division of Fire Safety
P.O. Box 809
Trenton, New Jersey 08625