The Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) provides funds to municipalities and for-profit/nonprofit developers to acquire and redevelop foreclosed properties that might otherwise  become sources of abandonment and blight in targeted areas. 

Assistance Provided To:

Units of local government, non/for-profit developers

Type of Assistance:


Funding Source: 

U S Department of Housing and Urban Development

Award Period: 

5/8/09 to 6/30/12 (Program Implementation on-going)

Procedure for Applying:


Application Deadline: 

2/6/09 (Closed)

Date of Notification: 

Varies by program


Bradley Harrington

Mailing Address:

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs     
Division of Housing and Community Resources
P O Box 811, 5th Fl.
101 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08625-0811 


The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Housing and Community Resources is responsible for administering $51,470,620 in NSP funding allocated under the Federal Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 ( HERA ).  Under Title III of HERA, the Neighborhood Stabilization Program provides assistance to local governments, non-profit and for- profit developers,  for the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed homes.  The program is intended to prevent further declines in neighborhoods most severely impacted by foreclosures, and which are statistically at high risk of continued deterioration, but otherwise have attributes that will ameliorate the impact of the foreclosures. 


Eligible NSP fund uses include acquisition of foreclosed-upon housing units, abandoned housing units and vacant land; rehabilitation of housing units  in order to sell or rent such housing units to households at or below 120 percent of area median income; demolition of blighted structures; new construction of housing for projects involving the redevelopment of demolished or vacant properties; and redevelopment of acquired property for residential and non-residential uses, including public parks, commercial uses or mixed residential and commercial use.  All NSP funding must be used with respect to individuals and families whose income does not exceed 120 percent of area median income, and at least 25 percent of this amount must be used for residential units that are affordable to households whose incomes do not exceed 50 percent of area median income.



Quarterly Performance Reports:

QPR Q4 2015 [pdf  31kB]
QPR Q3 2015
[pdf 25kB]
QPR Q2 2015 [pdf 28kB]
QPR Q1 2015 [pdf 180 kB]

QPR Q4_2014 [pdf 76kB]
QPR_Q3_2014 [pdf 77kB]
QPR_Q2_2014 [pdf 34kB]
QPR Q1 2014 [pdf 37kB]

QPR Q4 2013 [pdf 67kB]
QPR Q3 2013 [pdf 48 kB]
QPR Q2 2013 [pdf 63 kB]
QPR Q1 2013 [pdf 388kB]

QPR Q4 2012 [pdf 196kB]
QPR Q3 2012 [pdf 240kB]
QPR Q2 2012 [pdf 268kB]
QPR Q1 2012 [pdf 358kB]

QPR Q4 2011 [pdf 166kB]
QPR Q3 2011 [pdf 355kB]
QPR Q2 2011 [pdf 515kB]
QPR Q1 2011 [pdf 196kB]

QPR Q4 2010 [pdf 238kB]
QPR Q3 2010 [pdf 369kB]
QPR Q2 2010 [pdf  203kB]
QPR Q1 2010 [pdf 121kB]

QPR Q4 2009 [pdf 15kB]
QPR Q3 2009 [pdf 9kB]
QPR Q2 2009 [pdf 10kB]

U S Department of Housing and Urban Development ( HUD ) Laws/Regulations/Notices/Links: 

Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 [pdf 52kB]
Notice of NSP Allocations, Application Procedures, et als. (Fed. Reg.10/6/08) [pdf 163kB]
Revisions to NSP and Technical Corrections ("Bridge Notice") (Fed. Reg. 6/19/09) [pdf 71kB]
NSP Laws and Fed. Reg. Notices Notebook  
NSP Policy Alerts Notebook  
NSP Resource Exchange 


N J Department of Community Affairs Announcements:

DCA Announcement- 1/22/09 [pdf 10kB]
DCA Announcement- 2/3/09 
DCA NSP Funds Announced- 5/6/09 
DCA Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds/Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact- 7/21/09 [pdf 22kB]

Additional NSP Information:

Environmental Review

Environmental Review Handbook [Word Doc 34kB]
Environmental Review Record Format [Word Doc 27kB]
Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds (sample public notice) [pdf 86kB]
Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds - (sample combined public notice) [pdf 87kB]
Request for Release of Funds and Environmental Certification [Word Doc]

Civil Rights/Fair Housing
Fair Housing Resolution [Word Doc 3kB]
Fair Housing Complaints (Federal)
Fair Housing Law (Federal)
Fair Housing Law (State)
Fair Housing Complaints (State)
Civil Rights Handbook [Word Doc 196kB]


Labor Standards
Notice to Employees Poster
Federal Labor Standards Language for inclusion in bidding docs 
Federal Prevailing Wage Rate Decisions
NJ State Prevailing Wage Decisions
Contractors Guide to Davis Bacon 
Payroll Certification Form WH-347 and Employer Compliance Statement 
Payroll Certification Form Instructions 
DCA acknowledgement language for bid advertisement [Word Doc 22kB]
Labor Standards Handbook [Word Doc 269kB]

Lead Paint
HUD's Lead Paint Information
HUD/EPA Fact Sheet on Lead

 New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Web Links
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

Links to Other Agencies
U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Web Page
U.S. Census Bureau
New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection



 The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, Division of Community Resources is responsible for the administration of  $5,000,000 in funding provided under the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, through the U S Department of Housing and Urban Development,  which constitutes the third round of funding of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.  As in NSP1, this funding is intended to stabilize neighborhoods whose viability has been, and continues to be, damaged by the economic effects of properties that have been foreclosed upon and abandoned.




Action Plan (TBA)
Summary of Public Comments (TBA)
Substantial Amendment (English) [pdf 2.8MB]
Substantial Amendment (Spanish) [pdf 228kB]
Notice of Formula Allocations and Program Requirements for NSP3 Formula Grants (Fed.Reg. 10/19/10) [pdf 166kB] 

Quarterly Performance Reports:

QPR Q1 2016 [pdf 33kB]

QPR Q4 2015 [pdf 32kB]
QPR Q3 2015 [pdf 31kB]
QPR Q2 2015 [pdf 32kB]
QPR Q1 2015 [pdf 34kB]

QPR Q4 2014 [pdf 41kB]
QPR Q3 2014 [pdf 37kB]
QPR Q2 2014 [pdf 31kB]
QPR Q1 2014 [pdf 59kB]

QPR Q4 2013 [pdf 61kB]
QPR Q3 2013 [pdf 48kB]
QPR Q2 2013 [pdf 63kB]
QPR Q1 2013 [pdf 64kB]

QPR Q4 2012 [pdf 39kB]
QPR Q3 2012 [pdf 39kB]
QPR Q2 2012 [pdf 36kB]
QPR Q1 2012 [pdf 35kB]

QPR Q4 2011 [pdf 35kB]
QPR Q3 2011 [pdf 35kB]
QPR Q2 2011 [pdf 35kB]

NSP Staff  Information:




Terence Schrider

(609) 633-6283

Colleen Devereux

(609) 633-6329