1. Authority Statutes
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  2. Authority Audit
    Audit Questionaire For Authority Audits (docx)
    Audit Questionaire for Fire District Audits (docx)
    Audit Review - Resolution and Affidavit (docx)
    Auditor Confidential Report - Authorities & Fire Districts (docx)
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  3. FAST Implementation for Authorities and Housing Authorities
    Authorities and housing authorities with a budget year start date of July 1, 2022, and later are reminded that annual budgets and supporting documentation are required to be uploaded and submitted through the Financial Automation Submission & Tracking (FAST) portal.  To register, authority officials must go to the FAST portal registration page and create an account.  

    Guidance for registering for FAST and the budget submission process can be found in the FAST Authority and Housing Authority Budget User Guide.

    Authorities and housing authorities must also exclusively use the newest version of the authority and housing authority budget workbooks, which are available on this webpage, the FAST webpage, and in the FAST portal.

    For technical questions regarding FAST or the authority and housing authority budget workbooks, contact Matt Gallello at Matthew.Gallello@dca.nj.gov.

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  4. Authority Budget
    FY 2023 (2023-2024)
    Authority Budgets are required to be submitted through FAST.
    Please refer to the FAST webpage for further information.
    Authority Budget Template [xlsm]
    2023 Authority Budget Exam Check List [xlsx]
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  5. Housing Authority Budget
    FY 2023 (2023-2024)
    Housing Authority Budgets are required to be submitted through FAST.
    Please refer to the FAST webpage for further information.
    Housing Authority Budget Template [xlsm]
    2023 Housing Authority Budget Exam Check List [xlsx]
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  6. Fire District Budget
    Fire District Budget Template [xlsm]
    2023 Fire District Levy Cap Report [xlsx]
    Fire District Calendar [doc]
    Fire District Certification for General Election [doc]
    Fire District Certification for Special Election [doc]
    Fire District - Special Election Affidavit of Posting and Notice Publication [docx]

    Fire District Certification for Special Meeting [docx]
    Fire District Affidavit for Special Meeting       [docx]
    FIre District Special Meeting Notice [doc]
    Fire District Levy Cap Referendum Resolution [docx] 

    Fire District Levy Cap and Restricted Fund Balance Results Certification [docx]

    Capital Financing Affidavit [pdf]

    Restricted Fund Balance Release Public Question [doc]
    Restricted Fund Balance Resolultion [docx]




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