Property Tax & Veteran Deduction Certification Forms

PD-65.10 Letter to CTB-2020
VE-WVE-1 Letter to Tax Collector
PD-65.10 Letter to Tax Collectors-2020
VE-WVE 2- Letter to CTB-2020
Revenue Sharing 2020 Memo
Excel User Guide for Revenue Sharing Reports
2020 Excel PD-65.10
PD-65.10 for 2020
2020 Excel PD-65.15 Part 1-2
2020 Excel VE-WVE-1
2020 Excel VE-WVE-2 Part 1-2
VE-WVE-1 for 2020
VE-WVE-2 Part 1-2020
VE-WVE-2 Part 2-2020
PD-65.15 Part 1-2020
PD-65.15 Part 2-2020
Line 4 Supplemental – 2020
Line 5 Supplemental – 2020
Line 8 Supplemental - 2020

Collector Resources

LFN 2020-25 Recent Tax Collection & Tax Appeal Legislation
Estimated Tax Bill Worksheet Template - 2020
Required Tax Bill Language: Property Tax Relief Programs & State Aid Offset
Guide to Calculating (Estimated) Tax Bills (P.L.1994, c.72) 
Affidavit of Tax Bill Mailing - MSWord 
Model the Fiscal Effect of an Accelerated Tax Lien of Tax Levy Sale
Post Judgement Interest Rate Table
Tax Billing File Layout - 12/04 - MSExcel 
Explanatory Local Finance Notice 
Tax Court of New Jersey Monthly Judgment Report

Mortgage Escrow Information and Forms

ME1 - Initial Tax Authorization Notice - pdf  
ME2 - Escrow Account Transaction Notice  - pdf
ME3 – Request for Duplicate Tax Bill - pdf
ME4 – Notice of Tax Sale to Mortgage Holders – pdf
ME5 – Request for Division Review – pdf

Bank Billing Code Book  - MSExcel   
Application for a Bank Billing Code - MSWord

New Jersey Tax Lien and Sale Information

Basics of New Jersey Tax Sales