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  1. 5:30 Local Finance Board
    5:30-1 General Provisions
    5:30-2 Local Bonds Law
    5:30-3 Annual Budget
    5:30-4 Capital Budgets and Capital Improvement programs
    5:30-5 Certifications of Availability of Funds, and Accounting System Requirements for Local Units
    5:30-6 Annual Audit 
    5:30-7 Municipal Budget Examination and Approval
    5:30-8 Financial Administration
    5:30-9 Government Electronic Receipt Acceptance
    5:30-9A Electronic Disbursements and Claimant Certification
    5:30-10 Municipal Port Authorities
    5:30-11 Change Orders and Open-end Contracts
    5:30-12 Federal Grants for Library Construction and State Library aid
    5:30-13 Financial Review Boards 
    5:30-14 Emergency Service Volunteer Length of Service Award Program
    5:30-15 Accumulated Absence Management and Financing
    5:30-16 Agency Communications with Local Units (GovConnect)
    5:30-17 Electronic Disbursement Controls for Payroll Purposes
    5:30-18 Municipal and County Charitable Funds


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  2. 5:31 Local Authorities
    5:31-1 General Provisions
    5:31-2 Budgets
    5:31-2a Appendix A
    5:31-2b Appendix B
    5:31-2c Appendix C
    5:31-2d Appendix D
    5:31-2e Appendix E
    5:31-2f  Appendix F
    5:31-2g Appendix G
    5:31-2h Appendix H
    5:31-2i  Appendix I
    5:31-2j  Appendix J
    5:31-3 Cash Management
    5:31-4 Approval and Payment of Claims
    5:31-5 Data Processing
    5:31-6 Financial Administration
    5:31-7 Accounting and Auditing
    5:31-7a Appendix A
    5:31-7b Appendix B 
    5:31-7c Appendix C
    5:31-7d Appendix D
    5:31-8 Financing
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  3. 5:32 Licensure of Certain Local Government Officers
    5:32-1 Examination Reviews
    5:32-2 Chief Finance Officer
    5:32-3 Certified Tax Collectors
    5:32-4 Qualified Purchasing Agents
    5:32-5 Registered Municipal Clerks


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  4. 5:33 Tax Collection Administration
    5:33-1 Tax Collection Procedures
    5:33-2 Reserved 
    5:33-3 Tenant's Property Tax Rebate Program 
    5:33-4 Mortgage Escrow Account Transactions
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  5. 5:34 Local Public Contracts Law
    5:34-1 General Provisions and Definitions
    5:34-2 Extraordinary Unspecifiable Services
    5:34-3 Certain Leases of Equipment and Service Agreements Beyond the Fiscal year
    5:34-4 Administration of Competitive Contracting Process
    5:34-5 Local Unit Electronic Procurement
    5:34-6 Emergency Purchases and Contracts
    5:34-7 Cooperative Purchasing
    5:34-8 Contracts Subject to Public Bidding
    5:34-9 Special Circumstances
    5:34-9a Appendix A 
    5:34-9b Appendix B
    5:34-9c Appendix C
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  6. 5:35 Local Government Ethics Law
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  7. 5:36 Development and Redevelopment Activities
     5:36-1 Reserved
     5:36-2 Reserved
     5:36-3 New Residential Construction Off-site Conditions Disclosure
     5:36-4 Standardized Forms for Performance Guarntees

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  8. 5:37 Municipal,county & Authority Employees Deferred Compensation Plan
    5:37-1 Definitions
    5:37-2 The Director
    5:37-3 Deferred Compensation Plan
    5:37-4 Amendments of Plan
    5:37-5 The Employer
    5:37-6 The Local Plan Administrator and Plan Manager
    5:37-7 The Contractor
    5:37-8 Enrollment
    5:37-9 Investment Policies
    5:37-10 Accounting Procedures
    5:37-11 Enforcement
    5:37-12 Plan Verification

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  9. 5:38 Joint Insurance Funds
    5:38-1 Investments
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  10. 5:39 Public Meetings by Local Government Entities
    5:39-1 Emergency Remote Meeting Protocol for Local Public Bodies
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