Displaced Homemaker Programs by County 

Domestic Violence Programs by County

Sexual Violence Programs by County


New Jersey
Domestic Violence Hotline
1 (800) 572-SAFE (7233)
New Jersey Coalition
Against Sexual Assault
(NJCASA) Hotline
1 (800) 601-7200
Women's Referral
Central Hotline

1 (800) 322-8092
Division on Women

On July 1, 2012, the New Jersey Division on Women was transferred from the Department of Community Affairs to the Department of Children and Families. Bringing the Division on Women under DCF will better position the department to strengthen families and sharpen its focus on the co-occurrences of child abuse and domestic violence.

Additional services that were transferred include the Sexual Violence Primary Prevention and the Displaced Homemaker Programs. The goal of the Sexual Violence Primary Prevention program is to prevent the perpetration of sexual violence. While the Displaced Homemaker Program focuses on helping women, who have previously been financially dependent on another household member, become self-sufficient. Both programs, which serve women in all twenty-one counties, will continue without interruption.

In transferring these services, DCF becomes the primary state agency responsible for domestic violence and women’s services.

For more information about services for women, visit DCF at http://www.state.nj.us/dcf/women/.



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