The Office of Policy and Regulatory Affairs has oversight of the Department’s significant policy initiatives, and is responsible for integrating the various Department programs into a coherent and consistent message. The Office helps craft new programs, evaluates existing Department programs, and works with Department staff to revise policies and programs in order to meet changing needs.  It provides data analysis and research for all Department Divisions. The Office also acts as the primary liaison with the Office of the Attorney General, and helps provide guidance to Department staff on statutory and regulatory issues.

Contact Information

Director of the Office of Policy and Regulatory Affairs
Chigozie U. Onyema
(609) 292-6420

Administrative Practice Officer (APO) for Final Agency Decisions
Donald Palombi
(609) 292-6420

Regulatory Officer
Kimberly Holmes
(609) 292-6420

APO for Department Regulations
Geraldine Callahan
(609) 943-4698