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Free Housing Counseling for Renters during COVID-19

Are you a renter potentially threatened with a loss of housing due to the COVID-19 crisis? NJHMFA's expanded free housing counseling program can provide resources and guide you through this difficult time with help on financial literacy, Fair Housing Rights, eviction diversion, and relocation assistance. View the list of available counselors statewide.

Protection from Eviction during COVID-19

Renters in New Jersey are protected from eviction and removal from their homes under Governor Murphy's Executive Order 106 until 60 days after the expiration of Executive Order 103. According to state law, if your lease expires and does not renew automatically, you may continue on a month-to-month basis as long as both you and your landlord agree to the arrangement and your landlord continues to accept rent payments. For more on the Governor’s Eviction Moratorium, please visit the Eviction Moratorium Information & Question Form.

Also protected from eviction until at least July 24, 2020 under federal legislation are renters who live in housing with a federally-backed mortgage (e.g., backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or the FHFA) or in housing that has been subsidized or financed by the federal government. View a summary for more on the federal evictions moratorium.

Paying Rent during COVID-19

Renters can request that their landlords utilize their security deposit as rent payment as stipulated in Governor Murphy's Executive Order 128.

Renters living in certain residential buildings financed by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency are eligible for a rent freeze until the expiration of Executive Order 103. To see if your building is covered under the rent freeze, check this list

COVID-19 and Housing Discrimination

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination prohibits discrimination in housing based on race, national origin, religion, and disability, among other protected characteristics, even if the conduct at issue stems from concerns related to COVID-19. To learn more, please review the Division on Civil Rights’ recent guidance on civil rights and COVID-19. If you would like to speak to a housing investigator, please contact the Division on Civil Rights at 1-866-405-3050.

The New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency promotes and builds affordable housing to create low-cost rental opportunities. The New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC) website will allow you to search thousands of affordable, subsidized and market rate units throughout New Jersey. You can customize your search based on your specific needs, budget and desired location. The NJHRC is free, anonymous, and updated regularly. 

The NJHRC is an online tool for: 

  • Finding and listing affordable housing 
  • Helping people with disabilities find housing options 
  • Obtaining housing information and links 

Begin your search!

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has a variety of programs that can help you with rent/heating costs,  prevention of eviction, reduction of utility bills, and removal of lead hazards  from your home. Screening takes only a few minutes.

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Applications for the Small Landlord Emergency Grant Program are currently closed.

Have your tenants had difficulty making rent payments as a result of the COVID-19 emergency? The Small Landlord Emergency Grant (SLEG) Program will reimburse small residential rental property owners for lost rent revenue due to COVID-19 between April and July 2020, as long as they agree to forgive outstanding back rent and late fees that their tenant accrued during this time.

For more information on your rights as a tenant in New Jersey, see the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs Landlord-Tenant Information page. 

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR) is charged with preventing and eliminating discrimination in the State of New Jersey by enforcing the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD). The LAD prohibits discrimination, bias-based harassment, and retaliation in employment, housing, and places of public accommodation.  

The LAD prohibits discrimination in housing based on race, national origin, religion, gender, disability, family status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and source of lawful income to be used for rental or mortgage payments, including, but not limited to, subsidies or vouchers provided by federal, state, or local rental-assistance programs like Section 8, SRAP (State Rental Assistance Programs), and TRA (temporary rental assistance). The law also prohibits any housing advertisement or listing that expresses, directly or indirectly, any such limitation or discrimination. 

To find out more or to file a complaint, please visit or call 973-648-2700.​ 

DCR regularly releases fact sheets with information about protections under the LAD. 

  • Protections regarding source of lawful income 
  • Protections regarding gender identity or expression 
  • Protections regarding emotional support animals 

Rental Assistance 

Homelessness and Eviction Prevention 

Home Energy Assistance 

Other Housing Programs 

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