Board of Trustees

Citizen Members

Janet W. Foster (Immediate Past Chair), Morris County
Deborah Marquis Kelly, Burlington County
Peter Lindsay, P.E. (Secretary), Sussex County
Kenneth Alan Miller (Chair), Morris County
Katherine Ng (Vice Chair), Burlington County
Meme Omogbai, Somerset County
Chris Perks, P.E., Camden County
Patricia Anne Salvatore, Cape May County

Ex-Officio Members

Catherine McCabe
Commissioner and State Historic Preservation Officer
Department of Environmental Protection
Represented by Katherine Marcopul, Administrator and Deputy Historic Preservation Officer

Lt. Governor Sheila Y. Oliver
Commissioner, Department of Community Affairs
Represented by Sean Thompson, Director, Office of Local Planning Services

Elizabeth Maher Muoio
Represented by Robert Tighue (Treasurer), Division of Property Management and Construction

Current Meeting Schedule

The New Jersey Historic Trust Board of Trustees meets quarterly.  The meeting schedule for the next calendar year is established at the Annual Meeting in the fall.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 (Annual Meeting)

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


Archived Meeting Minutes

June 2020 - Agenda (PDF) - Meeting Minutes will be posted after they are approved 

March 2020 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2019 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF) 

September 2019 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2019 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF) 

March 2019 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF) 

December 2018 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF) 

September 2018 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2018 - Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Special Meeting: May 4, 2018. Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2018 Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2017  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

October 2017 (Annual Meeting) Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2017  Dowlnload the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2017  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2016  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF) 

September 2016 (Annual Meeting)  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2016  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2016 Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Special Meeting -  February 2016 Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2015 Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

September 2015 (Annual Meeting)  Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2015 . Download the Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2015  Download Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Special Meeting - February 2015 Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2014  Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

September 2014 (Annual Meeting)  Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2014 Meeting.  Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

March 2014 Meeting. Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

December 2013 Meeting Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

September 2013 Meeting. Download Meeting Minutes (PDF)

June 2013 Meeting, Download Meeting Minutes (pdf)

March 2013 Meeting, Download Meeting Minutes (pdf)

December 2012 Meeting, Download Meeting Minutes

September 2012 Annual Meeting, Download Meeting Minutes

June 2012 Meeting, Download Meeting Minutes