Emergency Grant and Loan Fund

The Emergency Grant and Loan Program was created to provide small amounts of money for funding emergency work to preserve endangered historic properties.

UPDATE: September 9, 2009 - The Trust has suspended all grants from the Emergency Grant and Loan Program until such time as the funding for this program is replenished. The Trust is still accepting applications for Emergency Loans.

Eligible Applicants
  • are agencies or entities of county or municipal government; or
  • nonprofit organizations that are certified tax-exempt and comply with New Jersey charity registration laws
Eligible Properties
  • are listed in the New Jersey or National Register of Historic Places;
  • contribute to the significance of a historic district listed in the New Jersey or National Register of Historic Places; or
  • are certified as eligible for listing by the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Applicants must demonstrate control of the property through a deed or valid lease.

Eligible Activities and Loan Amounts
  • emergency repair or stabilization;
  • planning or research necessary to preserve an endangered property;
  • acquisition of a historic property; and
  • the purchase of an option to acquire a historic property

    Low interest loans range from $1,000 to $10,000.
Criteria for Funding

The criteria used to evaluate and rank applications for grant awards include

  • archaeological, architectural, cultural, and/or historical significance of the property;
  • the nature and degree of threat to the property;
  • plans for long term preservation of the property;
  • benefit to the community;
  • the applicant's ability to carry out the project successfully; and
  • security of matching funds.