The forms below can be faxed to (609) 633-6056 or mailed to:

Local Planning Services
PO Box 813
Trenton, NJ 08625-0813


Email Correspondence Form 

Use this form to request correspondence via E-MAIL ONLY or to be removed from the E-MAIL list.

Designation Form for Municipal Officials 

Use this form to provide information or change in information for the following municipal titles:
- Municipal Housing Liaison
- RCA Administrator
- Municipal Administrative Agent

For Municipal Monitoring:
- Trust Fund Report Preparer
- Project/Program/Unit Report Preparer
- RCA/Partnership Report Preparer

The signature of the Mayor or Manager is required.

CTM Access Form

Use this form to add, change or delete a municipal representative's access to the CTM system.  The signature of the Mayor, Manager, MHL or RCA Administrator is required

Plan Designation Form 

Use this form to grant to the preparer of the municipal Housing Element and Fair Share Plan or attorney authorization to view a municipal plan in the CTM System. The signature of the Mayor or Manager is required.

Administrative Agent Information Form 

Use the Administrative Agent Information Form to provide information on the Administrative Agent for each project and/or program in the municipal Fair Share Plan or if there is a change in an Administrative Agent. Indicate if the Administrative Agent is a Municipal Administrative Agent. To be completed by the Municipal Housing Liaison or RCA Administrator.

Change in Contact Information Form 

Use the Change in Contact Information Form if there is a change in any contact information previously submitted, i.e. change in e-mail address.