This webpage is designed specifically for housing administrators responsible for affordable units included in Fair Share Plans adopted by municipalities. Here you will find many useful resources and tools for understanding the affordable housing process, your role in that process, and ways to effectively and correctly administer affordable housing consistent with all applicable regulations. Whether you administer rental or for-sale housing, there is information on this webpage that will be of assistance to you. As new information, forms, and model documents are available, this webpage will be updated. So be sure to check back often!

Affordable housing units credited in Fair Share Plans are subject to the Uniform Housing Affordability Controls (U.H.A.C.). Affordable units must also follow certain guidelines set forth by the source(s) of funding for the units. Units funded under certain programs are exempt from some of the requirements of U.H.A.C.

A manual on "Understanding UHAC" is available through the link below in a .pdf format. To request a printed copy of the manual or if you have any questions, please call (609) 292-3000. Below are also several resources that relate to the information in the handbook.


Frequently Asked Questions

Operating Manuals

Operating Manual for the Administration of a Rehabilitation Program
Operating Manual for the Administration of Rental Units
Operating Manual for the Administration of For-Sale Units 
Operating Manual for the Administration of Accessory Apartments 
Guidelines for the Administration of a Market to Affordable Program 
Down Payment Assistance Program Guidelines and Documents 
Home Ownership Assistance Program Guidelines and Documents

Establishing Roles and Responsibilities

Ordinance Creating the Position of Municipal Housing Liaison 
Resolution Appointing a Municipal Housing Liaison 

Ordinance Creating the Position of RCA Administrator 
Resolution Appointing an RCA Administrator 

Ordinance Creating the Combined Position of Municipal Housing Liaison/RCA Administrator
Resolution Appointing a Municipal Housing Liaison/RCA Administrator 

Forms for designating and updating individuals and their roles

Resolution Appointing a Municipal Administrative Agent 
Contract for the Administration of Affordable Housing 
Resolution Authorizing Contract with Administrative Agent for the Administration of Affordable Housing 

Records Retention Schedule

Affirmative Marketing

Model Regional Affirmative Marketing Plans: (Updated December 2011)
Region 1 | Region 2 | Region 3 | Region 4 | Region 5 | Region 6 

Advertisement for Available Rental Units 
Advertisement for Available Sale Units 
Public Service Announcement 

Preliminary Cover Letter and Application for Affordable Housing
Letter Responding to an Incomplete Application 
Letter of Preliminary Eligibility and Placement in the Applicant Pool 
Letter of Preliminary Non-eligibility and Removal from the Applicant Pool
Applicant Pool of Eligible Buyers and/or Renters 
Letter Annually Updating the Applicant Pool 

List of HUD-Certified Housing Counseling Agencies 

Household Certification

Certification Application and Cover Letter (including documentation checklist)
Certification of Zero Income

Handling Re-sales

Notice of Intent to Sell
Resale Procedures for Owners Wishing to Sell an Affordable Unit
Purchase Agreement for Resale of Affordable Unit

Affordability Controls and Enforcement

Deed Restrictions and Certifications - See UHAC Appendices
Matrix for UHAC Appendices
Enforcement Provisions