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Micro Grant

Micro-funds that help make New Jersey a healthier and happier state supporting initiatives that will prevent or mitigate ACEs and promote the opportunity for children to experience PCEs within our communities. 

FAQ - Regional ACES Collaborative Microgrants  
2022 Micro-Grant Recipients  


NJ Resiliency Coalition

The NJ Resiliency Coalition is an online community where people living and working in New Jersey can come together to help lean into positive childhood experiences (PCEs) and help mitigate adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to create a healthier and happier state.  

We welcome your engagement in this space. Visit NJ Resiliency Coalition and join this virtual community, add blogs of your PACEs work and promote activities!  


Police/Youth Initiative

The Office of Resilience has created a Police Youth Initiative Pilot Program for local police. This initiative is geared toward police and youth to create programs and activities to increase community engagement and strengthen relationships with the youth and law enforcement. Creating a space for change within the community is the goal. 

FAQ – Police Youth Initiative Pilot Program