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These materials regarding internet safety and resources are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.  

Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet
This easy-to-understand booklet describes why the Internet is a risky place for children and explains why is it critical for parents to help their children stay safe online. Discusses parental controls, important Internet safety rules to implement, what to do if online abuse is suspected, how to help children safely use social media, and more. Includes information on sexting and cyberbullying. Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)


Help Your Child Use Social Media Safely
This booklet provides a comprehensive overview of social media, and describes the benefits and risks of social media use. It explains that parental oversight is needed to safeguard children and teens who use social media. Also covers privacy issues, cyberbullying, digital citizenship, open communication, and parental controls. Lists warning signs of cyberbullying and other problems, and offers advice on how to respond to them. Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)



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