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These materials regarding parenting are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.   Some materials are also available for downloading.


12 Tips For Succeeding As A Single Parent
This list-style booklet helps readers overcome the obstacles that come with raising a child as a single parent. Booklet provides a list of tips that discuss building strong parent/child relationships, working with the child's other parent, using effective discipline, arranging child care, and staying involved in the child's education. Also covers planning, budgeting, and managing expenses. 8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8". Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)


Children With Special Needs
Encourages early diagnosis by alerting parents to the signs that may indicate special needs. Tells how parents and professionals can help children with special needs learn and grow; describes children's rights under P.L. 94-142. 16 pages, 5 1/2" x 8". Available in English and Spanish.  (Download not available.)

Survival Guide for Parents
This 20-page Guide provides information
for parents on what to expect from their
children at various stages of development and how to manage the stress of parenting. The Guide includes tips for parents on how to choose a
child care center, coping with stress and on building self-esteem. Resource numbers for assistance with parenting are included. Download English or Spanish.


Anger Management For Healthy Child Development
This easy-reading publication explains how uncontrolled anger can lead to child abuse and differentiates positive discipline from discipline that is violent, threatening, or mean-spirited. It features checklists to help parents identify their anger triggers and their anger warning signs. The booklet also provides tips to help parents control anger, express anger in healthy ways, practice good self-care habits, and more. Available in English and Spanish.  (Download not available.)

Time out Tips for Your Children
Time-out is a safe discipline technique that can help manage children's behavior.  This brochure gives parents guidelines on using time-out. Download English or Spanish. 

Little Ways to Love Your Child
This brochure gives parents tips for being a nurturing parent. Download English or Spanish.

Divorce – Making It Easier on You
and Your Kids
This brochure gives parents tips on helping children cope with divorce. These tips keep children's needs in mind and help them feel loved and secure during family changes. Download English or Spanish 


Being a Good Father
An easy-to-read pamphlet that helps men meet their children's physical, emotional, and developmental needs. Promotes positive discipline and urges readers to be the best fathers they can be. Includes tips on co-parenting and staying involved when living apart from one's children. Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)

Suceeding as a Single Parent
This booklet empowers single parents with a can-do approach to meeting the practical and emotional challenges of raising their child. Helps parents adopt a positive attitude and offers strategies for making ends meet, improving their job situation, and balancing home and work. Reminds readers of the importance of taking care of themselves, and tells how to nurture their relationship with their child. Available in English only. (Download not available.)


Co-parenting - Together or Apart
This booklet explains how children benefit when parents work together and the harm that can be done when they don't. Helps parents build a strong parenting team that's supported by good communication, healthy child-discipline practices, and involvement in their child's life. Includes special advice for parents who have divorced or separated. Available in English only. (Download not available.)

Raising Your Grandchild: A Grandparent's Handbook
It's not just a new generation; it's a whole new world. This handbook will help grandparents team their experience and their love for their grandchild with updated parenting practices to develop a successful, mutually satisfying relationship. Easy-to-read, information-packed text; worksheets; and record-keeping tools help grandparents develop a parenting plan that addresses discipline, communication, child safety and health care, academic issues, financial concerns, and more. Available in English
and Spanish. (Download not available.)

Parenting Children With Disabilities:
Their Special Needs & Yours
Children with disabilities are more likely
to be maltreated than those without disabilities. This booklet helps increase parents’ awareness and their ability to teach their children self-advocacy and self-protection strategies. It offers clear guidance on providing positive discipline, starting and staying involved with an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), becoming knowledgeable about their children’s disability, getting to know their children’s caregivers, and building a strong support system for themselves and their children. Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)

Child Care –
Making the Right Choice for You
An outstanding guide for parents!
Shows the merits of child care for both child and parent; recommends questions to ask when interviewing caregivers. Filled with practical tips to help ensure a child's safety and happiness in a child-care setting. Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)

10 Tips For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
This booklet offers grandparents the advice and support they need to meet the challenges of raising a grandchild. Booklet provides a list of tips that help readers acknowledge their feelings, communicate with their grandchild, establish routines, and provide emotional care. Also explains effective discipline, basic needs, and sources of financial assistance. 8 pages, 5 1/2" x 8". Available in English and Spanish. (Download not available.)