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These materials regarding substance abuse and resources are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.  

Misuse or unsafe storage of opiods and other prescription drugs can kill children

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The Truth About Vaping and Smoking
Appealing, magazine-style articles guide teens to a better understanding of the marketing, media portrayals, and myths surrounding tobacco products, including trendy hookahs and e-cigarettes. In terms young people can relate to, engaging features discuss why many teens begin using tobacco, the often-deceptive tactics used by marketers, and the unhealthy reality behind the smoke screen. First-person stories help boost readers' refusal skills, describe how addiction can be overcome, and offer tips for healthy living. 12 pages, 8 1/2" x 11". Only in English. (Download not available.)


We Can Say NO To Smoking And Vaping
While children have fun matching stickers to the activity pages in this cheerful book, they learn about the dangers of smoking and vaping. Age-appropriate text and illustrations help explain types of tobacco products and what nicotine is; that e-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine, a poison; how both smoking and vaping can harm the body; that children should never touch tobacco products if they come across them; how to say no to smoking and vaping; and why it's important to make healthy choices. The colorful stickers reinforce the anti-smoking messages and make learning fun! 8 pages + sticker sheet with parent tips, 8 1/2" x 11". Ages 5-8. Only in English. (Download not available.)


Addiction and Families
This tabbed guide explains the impact of drug abuse on individuals, families, and children; emphasizes the effectiveness of treatment; and offers advice for persuading a drug user to accept help. Helps readers zero in on information about the possible causes of addiction; its impact on relationships, finances, health, and parenting; treatment options; and ways to support long-term recovery. Only in English. (Download not available.)


Opiate and Heroin Abuse
This tabbed guide helps teens recognize the serious dangers of heroin, prescription opiates, and illegal synthetic opiates. In easy-to-follow terms, guide offers an overview of opiates, discusses the link between prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction, provides refusal techniques, and offers advice on helping a friend who may be at risk. Emphasizes the benefits of living a drug-free life, encourages supporting community prevention efforts, and more. Only in English. (Download not available.)


Recovering from Addiction
This pamphlet describes treatment options, offers tips on maintaining recovery, and provides advice on aiding in the recovery of a loved one. Emphasizes that recovery is a continuous process; includes a list of local, national, and online resources. Only in English. (Download not available.)


How Substance Abuse Affects Parenting Skills
This booklet details the dramatic and negative effects substance abuse can have on a parent's behavior, judgment, and impulse control. Also looks at the short- and long-term effects of substance abuse from the child's perspective, as well as the complications caused by substance abuse during pregnancy. Contains a self-test to help readers recognize the warning signs in themselves, and tells where to turn for help and treatment. Only in English. (Download not available.)