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These materials regarding violence are free of charge and available by completing the PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM.   Some materials are also available for downloading.


How Violence In The Family
Affects Children
With more photos than ever, this easy-reading booklet helps readers understand the link between domestic violence and child abuse. It explains the positive effects a healthy family life has on children as well as the risks posed by domestic violence. It also describes the problems children from violent homes can suffer, helps parents build positive parenting skills, tells how to teach children to cope emotionally within a violent home, and lists sources of information. English and Spanish. (Download not available.)


Alcohol, Other Drugs And Family Violence
Looks at the interplay between substance abuse and domestic violence. Readers learn about the types of family violence, the cycle of violence shown by abusers whether they are sober or actively abusing, and how alcohol and drug use by either abuser or victim can perpetuate the cycle of violence. The booklet details how this lethal combination impacts all family members, urges readers living in a violent home to get help immediately, and directs them to sources of assistance. English Only. (Download not available.)

What Parents Should Know About Bullying
This booklet informs parents about the different types of bullying (physical, verbal, emotional, and cyberbullying), the lasting effects of bullying, and their role in helping to prevent it. Includes warning signs to help parents determine if their child is being bullied or is a bully, and strategies to use in either case. Also provides safety tips and sources of help. Only English. (Download not available.)