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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency

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Intake, Investigation and Response



Initial Response







Emergency Assistance



Definition                                                                                          8-16-94


Emergency assistance is provided or arranged for those children or families who are experiencing a risk to health or safety.  The activities may include arranging for placement, food, clothing, shelter, utilities, basic furniture or appliances, medical and psychiatric care or money to purchase these items/services.


Types of Financial Assistance                                                   1-1-2011


See CP&P-IX-F-1-300 on the Local Office Bank Account (LOBA), and CP&P-IX-F-1-400 on the Flexible Fund.  Also see CP&P-II-B-1-1250 for policy and procedures regarding emergency housing assistance.


CP&P provides emergency assistance directly only when it is unavailable elsewhere or where the emergency is so severe that there is no time to find or arrange another source to provide it.


Eligibility for Housing and Utilities                                           8-16-94


CP&P provides emergency assistance for housing costs and utilities only for service active clients who can not obtain the emergency housing or funding through any other resource.  For referrals with the need for housing or utility payments, CP&P provides information and referral.  See CP&P-II-C-2-435, I & R Only at Intake, and CP&P-II-B-1-1250, section titled Referrals of Homelessness and Inadequate Shelter, and your Local Office's Program Resource Inventory and Program Resource File.


Domestic Violence                                                                        5-10-2010


CP&P provides information and referral and supportive services to victims of domestic violence.


For policy and procedures CP&P staff must follow regarding domestic violence, see CP&P-VIII-B-1-100, Domestic Violence.