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CP&P Form 14-216, Child Specific Recruitment Plan


Click here to view the CP&P Form 14-216, Child Specific Recruitment Plan.




This form is used by the Permanency/Adoption Worker and Recruiter assigned to a specific special needs child to find a permanent home.  Complete the form as recruitment activities are developed and completed.  At a minimum, review and update the recruitment planning activities quarterly.




      Access it through the NJ Spirit Desktop > Create Case Work > Adoption.


      Only complete this template outside the NJ Spirit application as part of a contingency plan when the application is unavailable.  However, you are still required to create the form in NJ Spirit when the application becomes available.


      Form instructions are also available through the NJ Spirit Desktop.




      Do not complete any fields related to the "Adoption Specialist."


      Dates entered on this form must include the month, day and year.


      Part One, Getting Ready to Recruit for Children not yet Legally Free, serves as a checklist for the Permanency/Adoption Worker, who enters the appropriate dates on the form as they are completed.  These activities may be completed before the order terminating the parental rights of the child's parents is granted.


      Part Two, Checklist for Children who are Legally Free, serves as a checklist for the Permanency/Adoption Worker or Recruiter, who enters the appropriate dates on the form as the activities are completed.  While recruitment is a fluid process, these activities are usually completed after the order terminating the parental rights of the child's parents is granted.


      Regarding "Connections," it is important that the Permanency/Adoption Worker asks the child who he or she feels "connected to" (e.g., relatives, friends) as well as what his or her special interests or talents are (e.g., chess club, baseball).


      In the "Results/Notes" field for the "Connections," describe in detail, the outcomes, any problems, and other relevant notes (e.g., recommended a neighbor as a potential adoptive parent, is interested in the child and will participate in the licensing process, is interested in the child but needs a subsidy to assist with medical costs, or wants no further contact with the agency).


      If "Other" is selected as a "Connection" type, identify the type of "Connection" and complete the form as appropriate.


      While the names and titles of the Recruitment Team pr-fill, each Worker enters his or her comments on the form, as applicable.  For other persons participating on the recruitment team (e.g., Concurrent Planning Specialist, relative, neighbor, school counselor, teacher), the appropriate Worker completes the fields for the participant on the table.  "Title" refers to the person's agency title and "relationship" to his or her relationship to the child.


      The Permanency/Adoption Worker and Recruiter meet to develop a recruitment plan together for the child and include other team members, as appropriate.  The child, if age appropriate, has meaningful input into the development of the recruitment plan.  Enter the proposed tasks and lead person for each task.  As the tasks are completed, enter the results and completion dates.


      To enable data to prefill Part Two:  Formal Recruitment for Waiting Children, the assigned Recruiter must enter information in the fields of the Child Specific Recruitment Group Box, located at the Adoption Planning Window, Child Specific Recruitment Tab.  The data prefills the corresponding fields (i.e., activity, lead person, etc.)  for the  "Recruitment Events" labeled "Community Presentation" to "Match Party."


      If "Specify Other " is selected, enter the specific activity (e.g., Presentation at Westfield Presbyterian Church), name of the lead person for the event, the date the event was completed, the results of the event and any relevant notes, being specific and noting any follow up activities that may be required.


      Print the form only when needed for reporting a child's recruitment history or status of recruitment to an external entity.






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