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CP&P Form 26-8, Request for NJ Birth/Death/Marriage/Civil Union/Domestic Partnership Certificate

Click here to view, complete, or print the CP&P Form 26-8, Request for NJ Birth/Death/Marriage/Civil Union/Domestic Partnership Certificate.




Use the CP&P Form 26-8 to obtain NJ State Bureau of Vital Statistics (BVS) certificates for case planning and verification of identifying information and events. Complete the form to obtain:

      A long form birth certificate for a child or birth or legal parent. Note: A long form birth certificate must be obtained within 30 days of a child being placed out of home for the first time. See CP&P-II-C-2-700, Identify Child's Place of Birth and Obtain Certified Birth Certificate.

      A long form death certificate for a child or birth or legal parent.

      A long form marriage/civil union/domestic partnership certificate for a birth or legal parent(s). Any of the above listed certificates for family members or adults residing in the home (e.g., siblings, other relatives).

See CP&P-III-C-6-100, When To Obtain Specific Certified Long Form Documents, which outlines circumstances when the above certificates are obtained, including restrictions on obtaining birth certificates for adults.

If the Division has guardianship of a child, use the form to obtain amendments to a birth certificate. Also use the form to request amendments to death or marriage/civil union or domestic partnership certificates. See CP&P-III-C-9-100, Amendments to Birth, Death, Marriage, Civil Union, or Domestic Partnership Certificates.

Note: Do not use this form to obtain records for providers or prospective providers (e.g., resource parents, prospective adoptive parents). See CP&P-III-C-6-100, Ways to Verify Information, and CP&P-IV-B-4-100, Contents of Foster Home Record. Do not use this form to obtain a new birth certificate for an adopted child or for records related to sealed adoptions. Subsequent to the finalization of an adoption, the adoptive parent's attorney obtains a new birth certificate for the adopted child. See CP&P-IV-C-1-800. Contact the Office of Adoption Operations regarding sealed adoption records and the Adoption Registry. See CP&P-IV-C-1-900.

To obtain out-of-state BVS certificates:

      Contact the appropriate state vital statistics agency in the specific state.  Use the following Web site which links directly to these agencies:;

      Request the certificate by completing the appropriate forms; and

      Send the appropriate fee.

If a certified copy of a certificate is needed from a foreign country use the following Federal Web sites for more information;  and (provides links to foreign embassies in the United States).




      Always confirm that the needed certificate is not in the child's case record before making your request.

      Request only one certificate per form. If an additional certificate is needed, complete another form (i.e., fill out a separate form for a birth certificate and another form for a marriage certificate; fill out two separate forms if you need birth certificates for two different children).

      Complete the CP&P Form 26-8 using the on-line template in the computerized Forms Manual.

      Send the form to the DCF BVS Liaison in the DCF Office of Facilities and Support Services by:

Interoffice mail at CC # 933,

Fax at 609-292-7772, or

E-mail at (as an attachment)

      The BVS Liaison processes the request by forwarding it to the NJ State BVS in the Department of Health. Upon receipt, the BVS Liaison forwards the certificate to the Worker.

      If the certificate is not available, the BVS Liaison sends an explanation to the Worker.

      Upon receipt of the certificate, the Worker files it in the child's case record in the appropriate section (e.g., birth certificate in medical section; death or marriage certificate in the legal section), or processes it as appropriate for the case plan (e.g., submit to court).

      Maintain the certificate's security. If a certificate is removed, document in the case record to whom it was given or where it was sent.

      The BVS Liaison sends photo copies of birth certificates to DCF Information Technology (IT). IT updates the "Long Form Birth Certificate on File" field on the Person Management Window in NJS and destroys the photo copies of the certificates. If the "Long Form Birth Certificate on File" field is changed to "yes," do not change any demographics on the person. At this time, IT also updates the Medicaid Eligibility System.




      Complete all identifying information found on the top of the form for all requests.

      Check the box for the certificate being requested and complete all text fields for the specific certificate.

      An incomplete form will delay the request and may result in the return of the form for additional information.

      One official BVS copy of a certificate will be issued. Only request an additional official copy, if needed, and provide the specific reason why it is needed.

      When requesting a birth certificate, also complete any text field that is starred (*) in the section titled "Additional Information Required for Birth Certificate Request." If the request is for an adult, also complete the "reason" text field.

      For the place of birth, death, marriage, civil union, or domestic partnership, enter the city, state, and zip code.

      If the cause of death is needed on a death certificate, explain why in the "reason" text field. The BVS Liaison will evaluate the request and will contact the Worker regarding any additional processing required for the request.

      For amendments to a certificate (e.g., birth, death, marriage/civil union, domestic partnership) call the BVS Liaison at 609 313-3284 or 609 888-7153. The Liaison will identify:

-       What documents are needed for the specific change (e.g., civil action order, unnamed certificate, paternity results);

-       The steps in the process, including the approximate time a response will be obtained; and

-       How to submit CP&P Form 26-8 and any other required documents.

      The following response text fields expand, if necessary:

-       Also Known As (AKA);

-       Reason for requesting a birth certificate for an adult;

-       Cause of death; and

-       Why an additional certificate is needed.

      Provide any additional information that may assist in locating the certificate on a separate page.

      Call the BVS Liaison at 609 313-3284 or 609 888-7153 with any questions.



Original       -

BVS Liaison, CC # 933

Child's case record, in the appropriate section, after the requested certificate and form are received from the BVS Liaison


Copy          - 

Child's case record (prior to receiving original form back from BVS Liaison with certificate)


Copy          - 

BVS Liaison sends a photo copy of the birth certificate only to IT; after updating the Person Management Window and the Medicaid Eligibility System, IT destroys the copy of the birth certificate