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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency

Effective Date: 10-27-2014







Revised Date: 4-1-2019






CP&P Form 5-16, Child’s Education Record


Click here to view or print the CP&P Form 5-16, Child's Education Record.


Click here to view or print the CP&P Form 5-16(S), Child’s Education Record. 

·         The Spanish version of this form was translated on 4-01-2019. 




This form is completed in NJ SPIRIT to record and view a child's education information. Use it:


      As part of the Case Plan;


      To provide educational information:


-     To Family Team Meeting participants

-     To the resource parent at the child's initial placement

-     To the new resource parent each time a child is re-placed

-     As part of the case recording documents sent to the Child Placement Review Board for its 45-day Enhanced Review

-     As part of the case recording documents for the CP&P Internal Placement Review Conferences

-     As part of the out-of-home treatment referral packet, in addition to the IEP, used whenever placing a child in an authorized Children's System of Care program

-     As part of the interstate referral packet when a New Jersey child is being placed outside of New Jersey

-     As part of case closing practice for an adolescent who is exiting care or continuing to accept services beyond the age of 18, in accordance with the Federal Safe and Timely Interstate Placement of Foster Children Act of 2006. See CP&P-III-A-1-500.

-     As part of the materials submitted for the Adoption Consent Package, See CP&P-IV-C-8-100.

Review and update education information within five working days of the placement of a child into another resource home, other out-of-home placement, or return home. This form is not completed for a child under age 5 unless the child is attending an early intervention program, a preschool, a nursery school, an early education program, or a child care center.


Note:  January 2013, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) under the Uninterrupted Scholars Act (USA), was amended to allow schools to release the education records of children in foster care to child welfare agencies, without parental consent.  This amendment also eliminates the requirement for educational agencies to notify parents prior to the release of education records to a child welfare agency.




Access it through the NJ SPIRIT Desktop > Create Case Work > Education > CP&P 5-16.




      Remember to check where the child is located on the top right-hand corner of page 1.


      In Section A, if a copy of this report is being printed and shared with the resource home, a Worker blacks out the "Address of Family of Origin" field.


      In Section A, if a copy of this report is being printed and shared with a parent, and the parent does not know the name, address or telephone number of the resource parent, a Worker blacks out this information.


      Some education information prefills in sections B, D, and G from the Education Window.  Be sure prefilled information is correct.  If not, go back and correct it in the Window.  When creating an education record for a new school on the Education Window, remember to edit the information on the previous school by completing the "Dates of Enrollment" field.


      In section B:


-       The "School District Contact" may be the same person you noted as the school contact or may be another person from the school district, such as a child study team member.

-       During the summer, the "Grade Level" field reflects the grade the child will enter in the fall.

-       See the Education Window in the NJS User Guide for the definitions of the reference values for the "School Type" field.

•     In section F, if the child was referred to a Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) or School Counselor, explain the reason for the referral (e.g. truancy, substance use disorder, student conflict) and the plan to remedy the situation.

      When completing section G, see CP&P-VII-A-1-200 for policy.


      When completing section H, see CP&P-VII-A-1-100, Educational Services, for policy.


      This form is approved electronically.  The Worker and Supervisor also manually sign the form when the form is printed to report a child's education history or status to an external entity.




Electronic copy



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Signed copy


Case Record




Parent, as part of the Case Plan




Resource parent/provider




Child Placement Review Board




Out-of-Home Treatment Referral Packet

(when applicable)




Interstate Referral Packet (when applicable)