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Policy Manual



Child Protection and Permanency

Effective Date: 2-05-2018







Revised Date: 10-04-2021






CP&P Form 5-52, Kin Resource Assessment Letter


Click here to view, complete, or print CP&P Form 5-52, Kin Resource Assessment Letter.


An updated Spanish version will be forthcoming.



In accordance with N.J.S.A. 30:4C-12.1, CP&P must initiate a search for relative and other kinship resources within 30 days of placing a child out of home.


Send this letter to a relative or other kinship resource when CP&P has determined that the child will not be placed in his or her home. Send the letter within one (1) week of the agency's decision.



•     Prepare the CP&P Form 5-52 using the online form in the computerized Forms Manual.

     Select the appropriate paragraph and DELETE the other indicated sections. This will format the letter for the appropriate response for a kin-based placement based on the options described below.

•     Depress the tab key to navigate between the text fields and drop-down boxes in the template.



•     When opening the form, click on "Enable Macros" when prompted.

•     Enter the NJ SPIRIT case identification number, where indicated (under "RE"), to identify the case.

•     Enter the name of the respective CP&P Local Office in the first paragraph.

•     Complete all text and drop-down fields based on the option chosen.

•     Pick an option:

-       Choose the first option when CP&P has determined that the kin is not willing or able to care for the child. Enter text to explain the reason for this determination. The reasons should be defensible in a hearing and documented in the electronic case record. Reasons could include, but are not limited to:

•     The home appears to be unsafe for the child (give reasons such as the heating system is inoperable, the home is condemned, there is no electricity).

     The kin cannot take the child because his or her home has insufficient space to meet the child's privacy needs.

      Note: Appeal rights are only part of this option.

-       Choose the second option when CP&P has determined that it is not in the child's best interest that he or she be placed with the kin. Enter text to explain the reason for this determination. Reasons could include, but are not limited to:

•     The child has been residing with his or her current resource parents for several years, is bonded to them, and has had limited contact with the relative.

•     The child's current placement is located very close to his or her biological parents, permitting frequent visitation and facilitating the goal of reunification.

•     The child is placed with siblings at present, and the kin advised that he or she can only care for one child. See CP&P-III-B-2-300 Concurrent Permanency Planning, CP&P-IV-B-2-100, Resource Home Selection, and the Concurrent Planning Handbook.

     In option one or two above, if the reason for rejection is based on information subject to confidentiality restrictions, do not share the information with the kin. Instead, advise the kin that the Division has received, or a search of Division records has revealed confidential information that indicates the child may be at risk of harm if placed in the home.

•     Print the completed form on Local Office letterhead.

•     The Local Office Manager, or his or her designee, signs the letter.



Original  -       Kin

Copy      -        Child's case record

Copy      -        Interstate Service, if appropriate