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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency

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CP&P Form, 9-24, SPRU Supervisor Log (Template)



Click here to view, print, or complete the CP&P Form 9-24, SPRU Supervisor Log (Template).




CP&P Form 9-24 is a form template used by on-call SPRU Supervisors to document consultation/direction given to SPRU Workers, SCR Screeners, and others regarding case handling after hours. Complete one form per each case handled after hours, making additional entries in the form template when handling additional calls about the given case.


The SPRU Supervisor completes the form in an electronic format, to permit key information to be copied and pasted into the electronic case record maintained in NJ SPIRIT.


Payment for on-call SPRU Supervisor duty is contingent upon completing and processing this form.




Enter only the information needed to document SPRU Supervisor activities and case handling directives given.


The SPRU Supervisor logs each call as follows:


  • Document each individual telephone contact, even when numerous calls are received on the same case from the same caller.


  • Document each incoming and each outgoing call.


  • Submit/process completed Logs by 9 a.m., the start of the next work day following service on-call.


  • Copy and paste information into the child's electronic case record maintained in NJS.




The on-call SPRU Supervisor prepares CP&P Form 9-24 using the on-line form in the computerized Forms Manual. Copy the template to the desktop. Complete the template as follows, to document each SPRU case handled after hours:


  • Depress the tab key to navigate between the text fields and check boxes in the template. Text boxes expand, as needed.


  • Check the “Child Death" or "Critical Incident" box, if applicable.


  • Enter SPRU Supervisor identifying information and case identifying information (names of child, parent, alleged perpetrator, etc., as necessary to document action taken/instructions given).


  • Enter caller identifying information. Check a box to indicate if the caller is a SPRU Worker, SCR Screener, on-call IAIU Supervisor, or SPRU Supervisor from another county/SPRU operation, etc. If "other," enter a brief description. Enter the caller's name, position, title, etc.


  • At Reason for Call/Allegation/Presenting Situation:  Enter a brief narrative summarizing the reason why the caller is seeking direction from the SPRU Supervisor. Summarize the presenting problem/child protective service allegation.


  • At Case Handling Instructions Given by SPRU Supervisor:  Document consultation, decision-making, and instructions/directives given to the caller on the handling of the presenting situation.


  • At Child Safety Assessment Completed by SPRU Worker:


-       Check "Yes" or "No" to indicate whether a child safety assessment was completed.

-       Check "In-Home" if CP&P Form 22-22, Safety Assessment (In-Home Cases), was used to assess child safety in the child's home; check "Resource Home" if CP&P Form 22-6, New Jersey Child Safety Assessment (Resource Homes), was used to assess child safety in the resource family home; or check "Congregate Care" if CP&P Form 22-10, Congregate Care Questionnaire, was used to assess child safety in a group home, youth shelter, independent living setting, or a residential treatment center.

-       Check a box to indicate whether the child is "safe," unsafe/Safety Protection Plan needed, or was removed or re-placed.

-       If the child is unsafe/in danger, enter details about the Safety Protection Plan developed with the SPRU Worker. Indicate when and what follow-up is needed to assure the child's continued safety, and by whom.

  • At Return Call/Follow-Up/Additional Caller Information/Time of Call:  Record information about a follow up call handled on the given case. Record the time of the call. (Record identifying information, if speaking with another caller on the given case.)


  • At Additional Instructions Given:  Use this space to record consultation, directives given, etc. to address the return, follow-up, or additional call.


  • At Additional Calls/Additional Instructions:  Use this space, as needed, to document any and all additional calls received about the case, case handling instructions given by the SPRU Supervisor, etc.






SPRU Coordinator


Electronic Copy


NJ SPIRIT Electronic Case Record (copy and paste information from the template into NJS)



Note:  SPRU Supervisor notes are discoverable when a case is in litigation. There are times when SPRU Supervisor notes need protection from discovery. See CP&P-IX-G-1-100, and CP&P-III-C-6-100.