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New Jersey Department of Children and Families Policy Manual




Child Protection and Permanency


Date: 2-5-2018







Revised Date: 4-1-2019






CP&P Form 9-30, Notification Letter to Parent, Guardian or Caregiver and Alleged Perpetrator, If Child Abuse/Neglect is UNFOUNDED – with Frequently Asked Questions


Click here to view, print, or complete CP&P Form 9-30.


Click here to view, print, or complete CP&P Form 9-30(S).


Click here to view or print the ATTACHMENT (confidentiality law, N.J.S.A. 9:6-8.10a, as amended), Reports and Information of Child Abuse Reports, for the English and Spanish versions of the Form.


Note: The ATTACHMENT is not translated into Spanish to avoid potential misinterpretation of State law.




This letter is sent to the parent, guardian, or caregiver and the alleged perpetrator when a protective services investigation has been completed and the level of findings in the Investigation Summary, DCF Form 2-1, completed in NJ SPIRIT, is "child abuse/neglect Unfounded."


The purpose of this letter is to:


      Provide the parent/guardian/caregiver and alleged perpetrator with an official notification of the results of a protective services investigation - Unfounded;

      Inform the parent/guardian/caregiver and alleged perpetrator about expunction of records associated with Unfounded reports; and

      Inform the parent/guardian/caregiver whether the Division will be providing further services to the child and his or her family.




This letter is prepared by the investigating Worker and signed by the Worker and the investigating Worker's Supervisor.


Note: Copy and paste individual allegations from CP&P Form 9-28ATT2, Allegation Based System, Indicators of Harm – Spanish Translations, where indicated, to complete the Spanish version of the form.


After entering information the text box fields in the CP&P Form 9-30(S), take out all parentheses, all options not used, and all English language prompts.


When preparing individual letters, use Local Office letterhead.




The Worker:


1.   Enters the information listed below in the opening section of the letter:

o   the date the letter is being prepared,

o   the parent's/guardian's/caregiver's name and address, or the alleged perpetrator's name and address, as appropriate. 

2.   Enter the following information, after "Re:"

o   each alleged child victim's name;

o   the NJ SPIRIT case identification number);

o   the NJ SPIRIT investigation number.

3.   Enters the parent's/guardian's/caregiver's or alleged perpetrator's name in the salutation portion of the letter opposite the word “Dear.”

4.   Enters the information listed below in the first paragraph of the letter:

o   enters the date the Division (SCR) received the allegation/CPS report,

o   enters the name of the CP&P Local Office that was assigned the report for investigation,

o   enters each child victim's name,

o   selects “abused,” “neglected,” or “abused and neglected,” based on the Screening Report (DCF Form 1-1), completed by SCR.

5.   Indicates whether or not the Division will be providing further services to the child and his or her family in the third paragraph by:

o   selecting will or will not,

o   entering the child(ren)'s name(s), and

o   selecting his, her, their, or your.

6.   Enters the information listed below in the closing of the letter:

o   his or her name, and

o   his or her Supervisor’s name.


The Worker and the Worker's Supervisor sign and send a completed letter to the parent/guardian/caregiver and the alleged perpetrator no later than ten (10) days from the date upon which the finding determination of Unfounded was made, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 3A:10-7.6(b). The following exceptions apply, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 3A:10-7.6(a), as long as a delay in notice does not appear to put the alleged child victim(s) or other children at risk:


      Delay notice, if law enforcement is also investigating the allegation, when notice may impede the criminal investigation; or

      Delay notification when the Deputy Attorney General has determined that notification would impede litigation.


See CP&P-II-C-6-300.




Important: Mail the letter on the date it is signed.


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