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How Does NJDEP Monitor Air Pollutants?

A variety of instruments and methods are used by NJDEP to measure concentrations of pollutants in the outdoor air.

NJDEP'S air monitoring program focuses on the measurement of criteria pollutants

How pollutants does NJDEP monitor?

Criteria pollutants are those which have National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS). Criteria pollutant monitoring is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), which specifies the design and siting of the monitoring networks, the acceptable monitoring methods and equipment, and quality assurance activities (such as calibration, maintenance, audits, and data validation). Only data which meets USEPA requirements can be used to determine compliance with the NAAQS. Other pollutants are monitored to understand possible sources and potential human exposures.

More information and details about NJDEP’s air monitoring program can be found in the annual Network Plan and Annual Air Quality Report .

O3, CO, NO2, SO2 & PM2.5 are measured in real time, using USEPA-approved monitoring methods

How does NJDEP monitor?

These monitors continuously transmit information to a central data acquisition system. Once an hour, this air quality data is posted to the Bureau of Air Monitoring website. After the data is reviewed and edited, it is submitted to USEPA’s national database.

PM2.5 & PM10 & Some Air Toxics Are Collected on a filter.

How does NJDEP monitor?

The filters must be brought to a lab for weighing and analysis. These results are submitted to USEPA’s database, and are summarized in our annual Air Quality Report.

Air toxics are collected in a canister

How does NJDEP monitor?

Air toxics that are volatile organic compounds are collected in a canister that must be processed in a laboratory. These results are submitted to USEPA’s database, and are summarized in our annual Air Quality Report.

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