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  • How is Sustainability Related to Energy?

    “Sustainability is the nexus of environmental, economic and social responsibility, and nowhere is that need more important than in the energy sector.  Energy affects everyone, and has far reaching impacts on our public and private economy, our environment and our social conscience,” says Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability Assistant Commissioner John Giordano.

    To that end, the Division’s Office of Sustainability follows a mission to create opportunities to promote and implement sustainability principles and programs that support New Jersey’s communities and businesses.  Many of these principles and programs link back to energy by encouraging reduced energy consumption.  Sustainability focuses on the interrelated nature of resource consumption and capitalizes on the cascading benefits of a reduced carbon footprint.  For example, efforts to reduce waste and recycle also reduce energy consumption needed to extract raw materials.  Given Air Quality, Energy and Sustainability’s drive to create the cleanest energy portfolio for New Jersey at the best cost and least social impact, the Office of Sustainability is poised to use sustainability’s core principles to guide the entire Division’s work efforts. 

    For more information on Sustainability efforts in NJ and beyond, visit our Sustainability page at



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