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APEDS to AIMS Numbering Conventions:
As part of the Air Program's re-engineering efforts, the Air Information Management System (AIMS) was designed to process, track, and store environmental data for Air Permitting, Enforcement, Emission Statements, and Modeling. The implementation of this new computer system required the Air Program to convert existing pre-construction permit data from APEDS, our old Air Permitting database, to AIMS. The APEDS data covers all pre-construction permit applications approved prior to April 15, 1997.

If you have received an approval to a pre-construction permit application after April 15, 1997, you will not find this information in the report. You may request a report with this updated information by writing to the Bureau of New Source Review, P.O. Box 27, Trenton, NJ 08625 or calling 609-633-2829.

As part of the data transfer from APEDS to AIMS, a unique New Jersey Identification (NJID) number was assigned to each piece of equipment and emission point. AIMS uses new terms for permitting, such as operating scenario and emission unit. Therefore, operating scenarios and emission units were created in AIMS and assigned unique NJIDs as well. All NJIDs are unique to each facility.

Control device information was not entered into APEDS. Therefore, it could not be transferred into AIMS. However, when new air permit applications are submitted, all control devices will need to have a unique NJID assigned to them by the applicant.

By entering your APEDS Facility ID below, a report will be generated. This report will provide you with your facility's new NJID numbering system for emission points, equipment, operating scenarios, and emission units. It will also provide you with an Activity Number to replace the existing Certificate Number. In some instances, the expiration date of the permit will be provided. Please use this information when preparing future Air Permit Applications electronically with RADIUS or our new paper applications.

If you have trouble with the data conversion report or notice that the data is inaccurate, please write to the NJ DEP, Bureau of New Source Review, P.O. Box 027, Trenton, NJ 08625-0027. Please include your facility ID number and a detailed description of the problem.

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enter your APEDS Facility ID: 

* If you do not know your 5 digit APEDS Facility ID, it can be found on your VEM-017 Permit Certificate.
Check out the RADIUS FAQ section for questions about RADIUS.