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Planning Projects

Current Projects

Resilient NJ is currently providing funding for 4 multi-municipal regions to develop and implement their own unique Regional Resilience and Adaptation Action Plans. These projects bring together teams of municipalities, counties, and community-based organizations with a strong emphasis on robust and meaningful community engagement throughout the process and supporting socially vulnerable populations in the project area. The four regional projects are the Northeastern New Jersey, Raritan River & Bay Communities, Long Beach Island Region, and Atlantic County Coastal Region. These projects are supported by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarded through the National Disaster Resilience Competition.

Get Involved

Visit the project websites to learn more opportunities to get involved in each of the projects or e-mail us at

Past Projects

New Jersey FRAMES

A collaborative regional planning project for 15 towns in the Two River Region in Monmouth County.

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