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The ocean shellfish growing waters of AORemote include approximately 15 miles of coastline from the north side of Absecon Inlet in the south to Beach Haven Terrace in the north. This section of shellfish growing area waters then extends eastward from the coastal description above out into the Atlantic Ocean for three miles.

About half of the land comprising the adjoining beachfront of AORemote is part of the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. As a result, there is relatively little impact from this area as stormwater and treatment facility infrastructure is absent within the coastal composition of the wildlife refuge. The area that comprises the City of Brigantine (Brigantine) and a portion of the communities belonging to Long Beach Island, make up the remainder of coastal AORemote. These urban locations are primarily comprised of residential homes. Commercial properties in these areas are relatively limited.

Remote Status, as suggested by the National Shellfish Sanitation Program (NSSP), is applicable for shellfish growing waters which are not impacted by any actual or potential pollution sources, and those waters meet Approved classification criteria. The sampling stations within AORemote and its attributed waters have had a continuous record of satisfying NSSP criteria for Approved waters in Remote Status.

AORemote shellfish growing waters do receive input from the Beach Haven or Little Egg Harbor Inlet, and to a lesser degree, Absecon Inlet. Those inputs come from waters generally classified as Approved or waters that receive substantial dilution before mixing with the waters of AORemote.

AORemote Shellfish Classification

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Status: In total, AORemote is currently comprised of 38,549 shellfish growing waters acres. This acreage is classified as Approved with 100% of that acreage available or Approved for shellfishing.

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