Community Collaborative Initiative (CCI)

Fitzpatrick Park, Bayonne

Fitzpatrick Park is a .66-acre park located in a residential section in the City of Bayonne. The park was completed in 1937 as a Works Project Administration project, part of the New Deal initiative during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration. Bayonne slated the park for routine renovation when CCI saw an opportunity to address a long-standing issue: local flooding. Bayonne has more Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) than any other municipality in New Jersey; incorporating Green Infrastructure into the park’s planned renovation will help mitigate CSO-related issues.

With the Mayor’s support, CCI worked with the City’s Public Works, Water, Finance, and Legal Departments, the City’s consultants, NJDEP Green Acres Program, and NJDEP Water Resources Management Program to design an effective renovation plan. At CCI’s suggestion, Bayonne financed the park project through the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank’s Water Bank Financing Program, creating in substantial savings. The net will result in a renovated park with updated play equipment, an efficient water spray feature, a roller hockey rink, and other amenities that will advance Bayonne’s city-wide strategy to alleviate localized flooding in residential neighborhoods and proactively meet the goals of the Long Term Control Plan.