Community Collaborative Initiative (CCI)


Food Cooperative, Salem City

Salem City, like many communities, is a food desert, which makes it difficult for residents to eat a healthy diet. Community members must travel long distances to grocery stores; fast food and convenience stores, however, are easily accessible. ​Issues such as poverty and lack of transportation also make it difficult to purchase fresh meals and unprocessed foods. Increasing access to healthy fare is essential to fighting malnutrition and resolving related health complications, such as diabetes and obesity. CCI and Invincible City Farms are working to alleviate the downtown food desert though a new Food Cooperative in Salem City. The Co-Op will feature indoor and outdoor growing facilities to sustain a farmer’s market, which will service as a grocery store with dine-in and dine-out options. The Co-Op will employ residents, offer nutrition education classes, and sell healthy meal kits to be prepared at home. This project will change the food dynamic of surrounding communities for the better and help establish a viable food system for the future.

Governor Murphy lauded the Food Co-Op during his August 17, 2020 press briefing. Watch the segment here.