Risk Communication: A Campaign for Coastal New Jersey

Community-Based Art Grant Program

The Grant Program, along with the other components of the risk communications campaign, will address the need to involve and inform the public about the coastal hazards impacts they will face and what actions they can take to reduce their risk. To accomplish this, community-based organization around the coastal zone are selected through a Notice of Funding Availability and are partnered with artists selected through a Call for Artists. The community-based organizations and artists will work together to address the theme of climate resilience and coastal flooding through original, site-specific artwork and community engagement and events.

This program partners the New Jersey Coastal Management Program (CMP) with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts (Arts Council) and is made possible in part with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA)’s Enhancement Program Projects of Special Merit (PSM) program.

Funding Opportunity

The following are organizations and artists who were selected for past and current Community-Based Art Grant Programs.

Atlantic City Arts Foundation Logo

Atlantic City Arts Foundation

Partnering Artist: Nancy Agati and Rebecca Shultz

Description of Artwork: Water Table will engage and educate the public about the relationship between water absorption/runoff and coastal resiliency. As the New Jersey coast faces accelerating sea-level rise and the related risk of flooding due to storm surges, establishing coastal buffer zones and using permeable materials to absorb runoff are increasingly necessary mitigation strategies. Water Table will serve as a visual demonstration for the water absorption rates of diverse materials, making visible their ecological benefits: filtering pollutants, beautifying the landscape, and providing ample drainage to prevent flooding.

Location: Absecon Lighthouse Park 31 S Rhode Island Ave, Atlantic City, NJ

Community Event Dates: (Tentative) August 7 and August 14

Project Installation Event: (Tentative) August 20th

This installation will remain in place through fall of 2021

For more information please contact staff@atlanticcityartsfoundation.org

Atlantic City Arts Foundation Photo
Bayshore Center at Bivalve Logo

Bayshore Center at Bivalve

Partnering Artist: Gail Scuderi and Kathy Casper

Description of Artwork: A series of onsite community workshops will result in a variety of handmade mosaic tiles that will be used to adorn a grouping of tiny ceramic houses that will be displayed around the site. Tiles created by the community will illustrate, in words, images and symbols, ways that people, animals and plants need to adapt to thrive in a changing environment.

Experiential learning enables participants to retain information, process and reflect upon the experience in a way that traditional museum displays or shows cannot.

Location: Bayshore Center at Bivalve 2800 High Street Port Norris, NJ

Community Event Dates: July 3 2021 and July 10 2021

Project Installation Event: October 2, 2021 3pm

Workshop photo
Monmouth Arts Logo

Monmouth Arts

Partnering Artist: Lynn Needle, Art of Motion Inc

Description of Artwork: The Poseidon Project will draw the public’s attention to the urgency of coastal fragility. Through choreographed sections, each connecting to aquatic myth, legend, and nature, and will feature lead Violinist from Monmouth Symphony and local multigenerational Surfer Dance Chorus, as well as a guest appearance from the Roxey Ballet of Lambertville, NJ. Costume design and construction by Annie Hickman and Lynn Needle featuring upcycled fabrics/materials.

Location: Great Lawn Pavilion 10 Ocean Ave, Long Branch NJ

Community Event Dates: July 15, 2021

Project Installation Event: August 10, 2021

Atlantic City Arts Foundation Photo
County of Passaic Logo

County of Passaic

Partnering Artist: Adriane Colburn

Description of Artwork: Units of Measure is a wooden post sculpture that is displayed along the coastline of Dundee Island Park. This wood posts lays horizontally and visualizes the heights of the average water height along with the average temperatures from the years. Each of the different sections of the post represent a year that tells the different scenarios of sea-level rise and precipitation events in the parks history.

Location: Dundee Island Park, Passaic NJ

Community Event Dates: September 13, 2022

Project Installation Event: September 13, 2022

Units of Measure  Photo

Funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the New Jersey Coastal Management Program, Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with the NJ State Council on the Arts.