It’s a banner year for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection! We’re celebrating the department’s 50th birthday – and a half-century of protecting the quality of the air, water and land in the Garden State.


Date Subject (Linked to the Release)
June 23, 2020 It’s 1993, Embracing Change in the Workplace and in Cleanup Laws
June 16, 2020 It’s 1992, Singing the Praises of Department’s Environmental Efforts
June 9, 2020 It’s 1991, Environment Remains the Focus Through Merger and New Energy Master Plan
June 2, 2020 It’s 1990, Oil Spill in Arthur Kill Waterway Spoils the Start of a New Year
May 26, 2020 It’s 1989, Cape May National Wildlife Refuge Becomes a Reality and Provides Critical Habitat
May 19, 2020 It’s 1988, Legislation Passed on Ocean Dumping to Keep Beaches Cleaner
May 12, 2020 It’s 1987, New Jersey Is First State to Mandate Comprehensive Recycling
May 5, 2020 It’s 1986, Dollars Allocated for Determining Levels of Radon Danger in Homes
April 28, 2020 It’s 1985, Bolstering How the Story of South Jersey’s Batsto Village Is Told
April 21, 2020 It’s 1984, Success Is Hatched in Warren County’s Pequest Valley
April 14, 2020 It’s 1983, Investigators Dig Up Contamination at Newark Pesticide Plant
April 7, 2020 It’s 1982, Fish & Wildlife Biologists Start N.J. Return of Bald Eagles with Single Chick
March 31, 2020 It’s 1981, Taking Care of the State’s Water Resources Becomes a Legislative Priority
March 26, 2020 It’s 1980, All Efforts Focused on Jersey Coast Protection and Development
March 24, 2020 It’s 1979, Series of Initiatives Spearheaded in ‘Year of Hazardous Waste’
March 10, 2020 It’s 1978, A Plan to Bring Bobcats Back to Woodlands of New Jersey
March 3, 2020 It’s 1977, Protecting the Pine Barrens Becomes Major Environmental Concern
February 25, 2020 It’s 1976, Fight Against Cancer Prompts Search for Toxins in Air, Water and More
February 20, 2020 It’s 1975, Counties Given Responsibility to Plan Solid Waste Management
February 11, 2020 It’s 1974, That Annual N.J. Motor Vehicle Inspection Now Includes an Emissions Test
February 4, 2020 It’s 1973, CAFRA Draws a Line in the Sand to Protect the Jersey Shore
January 28, 2020 It’s 1972, Summertime Air Appears Not So Clear in Many New Jersey Cities
January 21, 2020 It’s 1971, The Public Embraces Opportunity to Call New Environmental Action Line
January 14, 2020 It’s 1970, A State Agency Charged with Protecting the Environment Is Born