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Greening Our Fleets: Trucks, Buses & Vans

Why are we doing this photo
Why are we doing this?

Emissions from the vehicle sector contribute to climate change, unhealthy air pollution, and have local effects from toxicity.

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How much do they contribute photo
How much GHG is contributed by these vehicles?

The impact of classes of vehicles is determined by use of sales data and estimated engine emissions data.

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Goals/Policies photo
Which goals and policies are driving these reductions?

A web of regulatory and policy goals on the state, regional and national level drive reductions in emissions.

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Projects photo
Which of our projects will help to meet these goals?

Funds from a number of sources have been selected to reduce emissions through electric technologies, while plans for future grid impacts are being developed.

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How much progress have we made and when will we meet our goals?

There are environmental, emissions, and vehicles sales goals that are used to calculate progress.

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