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New Jersey Hazardous Waste Company Search Screen

What is in this database?
Definition for each element on this search screen
Tips on Searching


This information is provided free of charge to the public. The State of New Jersey, its agencies and employees assume no responsibility or liability to any person or entity for the use of this information. There are no representations or warranties, express or implied, of any kind with regard to this information, and any use of this information is made at the risk of the user.

What is in this database?

Using this search screen you can find one or more companies that generated, transported or treated/disposed/stored hazardous waste from the years 1996 through 2000 inclusive. These "active" companies either filled out a New Jersey hazardous waste manifest or were mentioned as a generator, transporter or TSDF on a New Jersey manifest since 1996. There are many companies from both inside and outside of New Jersey in this database.

There are approximately 23,000 companies in this database at this time. You may display up to 500 company records for a given query. For each company found, the following information is shown: Name and Epa Id number, Location Address, Mailing Address, Contact name and phone number and whether or not the company is a generator, transporter or TSDF.

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Definition for each element on this search screen

Company Name - This is the name by which the company is known. A given company name may have several locations within New Jersey or even in several different states. Each location, however, must have a unique Epa Id number. You can enter all or part of the company name that you wish to search by.

Street - This is the location street address of the company. You can search this company database by typing in all or part of a street address that you are looking for.

City - The location city of the company. Enter all or part of the city name if this is one of the criteria you want to use to select companies.

State - This is the location state of the company. It is initially set to New Jersey. You may change the state by clicking on the arrow to the right of the state name then type the first letter of the state you want until you see the state you want. Or, you may move the scroll bar (the little gray rectangle below the arrow to the right of the state name) until you see the state you want then click on it. You may select All States if the you want companies regardless of the state they are in.

Zip Code - Enter the location zip code here. You can use this field to find, for example, all the companies located within a given zip code.

County - The county where the company is located. It is set initially to Any County, but you can select a specific county by clicking on arrow to the right of this field then by typing the first letter of the county and clicking on it, or you can click on the arrow and move the scroll bar up or down and click on the county you want to search by. You can only search by county if the state is New Jersey. If the state is not New Jersey then anything you type in this field will be ignored.

Generator, Transporter and TSDF - Each company can be a generator of hazardous waste, a transporter of hazardous waste or a treatment/storage/disposal facility (TSDF) or any combination of the three. You want to find, for example, only those companies which are generators. Or you may wish to search for companies which are both generators and TSDFs. An "X" in the search results page means that it is belongs to that category. A "D" means it was delisted from that category.

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Tips on Searching

In order to do a search you must enter something in at least one of the following fields:company name, epa id, city, state or zip.

The searches are case insensitive. It doesn't matter if you type Main Street, main street, MAIN STREET or MaiN STreet; the case is ignored and the results of your search will be the same.

If you know that a company or street or city or Epa Id begins with a certain sequence of letters (or numbers) then you can search the company database by entering those letters and clicking Begins With. But, if, for example, you know that a company is located on Main Street, but you don't know the street number then you can type Main or Main St and click on Contains the letters for the street field. A "Contains the letters" search will find the sequence of letters or numbers no matter where it is located.

If searching by zip code you will get no records if you specify the wrong state or county. If, for instance, you specify a zip code beginning with 07 or 08 and you specify California as the state you will never get a match.

For the Company Type (Generator, Transporter, TSDF combinations), if, for example, you chose companies that are generators and TSDFs but the company is a generator only, it would not appear in the search results screen.

The Reset Button will clear the search screen of whatever you’ve entered.

You can display 10, 25, 100 or 500 records at time. If you specify 10 records to display and the search comes up with 11 records only the first 10 will be shown. You would have to run the query again and set the number of records to be displayed to 25 for the 11 records to be displayed in this example.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for the first time, change a thing or two and try it again!

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