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Prior to 1989, waste generated from medical, biological testing, biological research and mortuary facilities was handled as ordinary solid waste and was processed through or disposed of at solid waste transfer stations, landfills and incinerators. The State Legislature, however, recognizing the public’s deep concern regarding the handling of these particular waste types and in response to the Federal "Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988" enacted the "Comprehensive Regulated Medical Waste Management Act", in March of 1989.

In order to comply with the legislative requirements, the Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Department of Health, defined regulated medical waste and provided for the initial registration and annual renewal of medical waste generators. Prior to contracting for the removal, transport and disposal of medical waste, generators must register with the Department of Environmental Protection on regulated medical waste registration forms available from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Requests for forms can be made to the Bureau of Hazardous Waste Registration, Waste Reports Unit by:

1. Mail:      NJDEP, Bureau of Hazardous Waste Regulation
                  401 East State Street
                  Trenton, NJ 08625
                  Attn: Waste Reports Unit

2. Fax       (609 777-0769)

3. Electronic copies of the registration form can be down loaded here.

PLEASE NOTE: The registration year for generators extends from July 22 through July 21 of each calendar year with fees payable by August 20 of each calendar year. The rules prohibit pro rata adjustment or refund for prior registration year payment of fees.

The Department of Environmental Protection enters the information provided by generators to into the Medical Waste Generator data base. This information is used by the Department of Health for inspection activities and medical waste transporters for verification of generator status prior to transporting waste.

This information is now available to registered medical waste generators who may wish to verify their status or confirm their generator number through the Regulated Medical Waste Generator Interactive Program.

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Modified December 14, 1998

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