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Regulated Medical Waste Annual Registration

Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 7:26-3A.8(a) the NJDEP assesses the following fees related to Regulated Medical Waste:



Registration year extends from July 22 through July 21 of each calendar year and fees are usually payable by August 20 of each calendar year.

Generator Category

Pounds of Regulated Medical Waste Generated Annually




<50 Pounds



50 – 200 Pounds



201 – 300 Pounds



301 – 1,000 Pounds



>1,000 Pounds



Registration year extends from May 1 through April 30 of each calendar year and fees shall be payable by May 30 of each calendar year.


Regulated Medical Waste Transporters are required to register with the Department as a Solid Waste Transporter and obtain a decal for each piece of equipment used to transport such waste. In addition to paying the cost for such deals they are also required to pay an additional fee as a Regulated Medical Waste Transporter as listed below:

  • A-901 Licensed Medical Waste Transporter Fee is $7,900 every two years.
  • Self-Generator Medical Waste Transporter Fee is $1,300 every two years.
  • Self-Generator Medical Waste Transporter Fee involving Radiopharmaceuticals is $400 every two years.

The fees are usually paid in conjunction with the renewal of the waste transporter decals which expire June 30th of each odd-numbered year.



Registration year for intermediate handlers, collection facilities and destination facilities is January 1 through December 30 of each calendar year and fees are payable by January.

Destination Facilities

RMW Treated & Destroyed Annually

Annual Fee 

<1,000 Pounds


1,000 – 10,000 Pounds


>10,000 Pounds


Commercial Intermediate Handler: $1,500 annual fee

Noncommercial intermediate handler, or an intermediate handler treating only its own waste that treats any quantity of liquid regulated medical waste that is disposed of into the sanitary sewer system, and treats less than 10,000 pounds of nonliquid regulated medical waste per year and sends that waste off-site as RMW for treatment, destruction or disposal is exempt from the intermediate handler annual registration fee but shall register as an intermediate handler pursuant to this section.

Commercial Collection Facility: $500 application fee; $250 permit modification fee; $350 annual fee
Noncommercial Collection Facility (>2000 pounds of medical wastes per year ): $150 annual fee
Noncommercial Collection Facility (<2000 pounds of medical wastes per year ): no fee
Transfer Station: $2,000 annual fee
Authorization of an alternative or innovative technology: $1,500

Authorization of an alternative or innovative technology demonstration program: $2,000

Written Interpretation of any solid waste regulation: $150

Frequently Asked Questions for Generator Annual Fees:

  1. What does this fee cover?

    The generator fee issued in July/August 2023 will be for the registration period 7-22-2023 through 7-21-2024.

  2. What should I do If billed for the incorrect category or no longer generate Regulated Medical Waste?

    Please review all medical waste disposal records between 7-22-2022 and 7-21-2023 to determine what your billing category is as shown at the top of the page. If your records indicate you were billed incorrectly please complete the attached form and send to mebinfo@dep.nj.gov so we can adjust your bill amount accordingly.  

  3. How do I pay my fee?

    You will receive a paper invoice from the Department of Treasury which you can return with a paper check.  Alternatively you can pay this bill online using a credit card or e-check at https://njdeponline.com/. Click the choice of Pay a Paper Invoice which is listed under Non-Registered Services. You will be asked for your Invoice Number which is shown in the upper right section of the paper invoice.  

  4. Where is my paper invoice?

    When your invoice is generated you should receive an automated e-mail notification from mebinfo@dep.nj.gov with bill information and instructions for credit card or e-check payment on NJDEP Online. At the same time, a paper version of the bill will print and mail from TREASURER STATE OF NEW JERSEY. The paper invoice can be expected in the mail about two weeks after you receive the e-mail notification due to the time it takes for processing and delivery via postal service. Be advised Treasury will send a paper invoice even if bill was already paid online so be sure you do not pay the same bill twice.

  5. How can I look up my outstanding invoice information?

    Click here to obtain a listing of any outstanding fees or penalties for your facility.  This report will allow you to print a copy of your invoice(s) and also includes the information needed to pay online. Note: Your RMW Generator ID is your “PI Number” and Solid Waste is your “Program”.

  6. I am no longer responsible for generating medical waste (retired, sold business, business closed, business changed) – do I still have to pay the fee?

    All Regulated Medical Waste generators must pay an annual registration fee – this year’s fee covers a registration period of 7-22-2023 through 7-21-2024 – if you were generating waste after 7-22-2023 you are required to pay the fee.
  7. How do I update my registration information?

    An updated registration form must be submitted for any of the following reasons:
    • Facility information changes such as name, mailing address, or contact information
    • Generator Category changes

    new registration is required if your facility moves to another address or if the tax identification changes due to a change in business operation or ownership.

    Only one Regulated Medical Waste registration is required if there are multiple buildings owned and/or operated which are located on the same property or on a contiguous property and not divided by any public roads. For example, John Does Hospital has a 20-acre campus with multiple buildings that generate regulated medical waste (this may include but not limited to a healthcare clinic, nurse’s station and laboratories). The campus is contiguous and is not divided by any public roads and is only required to have one regulated medical waste ID#.

    Multiple Regulated Medical Waste generators that are separate and distinct businesses located in one building or contiguous property would each have to register as a Regulated Medical Waste generator.

    Click here for the registration form. 

  8. When will I billed again for an annual fee?

    In July 2024 we expect to issue the generator annual fee that covers the registration period of 7-22-2024 through 7-21-2025.   

  9. What will happen if I do not pay the annual fee?

    Your facility will be in violation of N.J.A.C. 7:26-3A.8(a) and may be subject to enforcement action including a penalty assessment.  Furthermore your outstanding fee will be sent to a collection agency which could adversely affect your credit rating.  

  10. Who do I contact with questions?

    Please e-mail us at mebinfo@dep.nj.gov or call 609-292-7081.



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