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Regulated Medical Waste Annual Registration

All generators of Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) in New Jersey are required to register with the Department and pay a fee based upon the quantity of waste generated per calendar year.

  • A new registration is required if your facility;
    • Is initially registering.
    • Moves to another address.
    • Changes Tax Identification # (FEIN) due to a change in business operation/ownership.
  • An updated registration is required if your facility changes;
    • Mailing address.
    • Fees/Billing contact information.
    • Business Name (with no change in FEIN).
    • Generation Category (see below).
  • Note: If you own and/or operate multiple buildings located on the same property or on a contiguous property and not divided by any public roads only one RMW registration is required. However, if there are separate/distinct businesses operating  under different FEIN’s in one building or contiguous property, each would have to register separately for a RMW ID#.
    • I.E. John Doe’s Hospital has a 20-acre campus with multiple buildings that generate RMW (this may include but not limited to a healthcare clinic, nurse’s station, and laboratories). The campus property is contiguous and is not divided by any public roads and is only required to have one RMW ID#. XYZ Podiatry operates under a different FEIN in one of the hospital’s suites and is required to have its own RMW ID#.

Please click the image of the form below for a new registration or to update your registration:

Click for more information on Annual RMW Registration Fee and NJDEP RMW Guidance.

In order to maintain your registration, you must pay an annual fee issued in July with a due date of August 20th.

Below are the initial and annual registration fee amounts:

Generator Category

Pounds of Regulated Medical Waste Generated Annually




<50 Pounds



50 – 200 Pounds



201 – 300 Pounds



301 – 1,000 Pounds



>1,000 Pounds







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