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Newsletter of the New Jersey Buy Recycled Business Network –Summer, 1998

"Green Building" Conference and Trade Show on the Horizon 

While "green building" may sound like the description of a house that was painted green, it is in fact a growing movement in the building industry based on environmentally responsible design and construction. Among other things, the use of recycled products and furnishings in construction and renovation is an integral part of this movement. Helping to fuel the "green building" movement is the fact that in today’s market more and more consumers are demanding environmentally responsible products and construction practices.

In recognition of this trend, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the Cook College Office of Continuing Professional Education, will host a "Green Building" – Recycled Building Products and Furnishings conference and trade show on October 15, 1998 at the Holiday Inn in Cranbury, New Jersey. This one-day seminar will provide detailed and essential information about recycled building products, recycled furnishings and alternative building practices. The composition, performance standards, cost, workability, recyclability and potential environmental impact of various recycled building and furnishing products, such as recycled steel framing, recycled concrete blocks and aggregate, recycled plastic lumber and recycled content furniture will be featured. Case studies of successful "green " building projects will also be examined. Kirsten Childs of Croxton Collaborative Architects, a leader in the field of "green building" will be a featured speaker at the event.

For more information, contact Steven Rinaldi of NJDEP at 609-984-3438 or Christine Krupka of Cook College at 732-932-9271.

Did You Know…

  • Over 10,000 Earth-friendly products and services may be found through Co-Op America’s Green Pages TM Online directory at
  • 100% recycled content softballs are available from Eco Bay of Greensboro, Maryland. (800-458-9514)! The Recyclaballs are made from post-consumer plastic bottles and recovered sneakers or Wellman fiberfil.
  • America Recycles Day, an annual national awareness event to promote the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling and buying recycled, is scheduled for November 15, 1998. The slogan for the event is "If you’re not buying recycled, you’re not really recycling." For more information, visit the America Recycles Day website at
  • Viking Fender of Perth Amboy, NJ (732-826-4552) manufactures boat and pier fenders from scrap tires!
  • Recycled nonpaper office products available to businesses include recycled-content pencils, rulers, diskette mailers, padded mailer bags, Post-it R notes and note trays, note organizers, folders, hanging folders and tape dispensers!

Dow Corning Program a Model of Success

Dow Corning Corporation’s Green Procurement Initiative is a nationally recognized success and a model for other companies interested in procuring recycled products and other environmentally friendly products. The company, based in Midland, Michigan, launched its buy-recycled program in 1993 and found that by working closely with its suppliers they were able to add more than 200 recycled-content products to their purchasing initiative. In conjunction with this effort, Dow Corning conducted buy-recycled training sessions for key employees such as purchasing personnel, engineering staff, space planners and custodial staff. By 1996, the company’s green procurement efforts resulted in the purchase of $7 million of recycled-content products. For further information on Dow Corning’s Green Procurement Initiative, please contact Kim Hohisel via phone at 517-496-5008 or fax at 517-496-5457.


NERC Establishes Network for Environmental Products Purchasing

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has established EPPNET, the Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Listserv to link federal, state, local and private officials charged with purchasing environmentally preferable products and developing policies for the procurement of these products. EPPNET is intended to provide quick access to information such as availability of product specifications, lists of vendors for particular products, pricing information, strategies to achieve recycled product procurement goals and federal procurement policies. (Product vendors are currently not granted access to the Network, although this may be reconsidered later.)

Those interested in joining EPPNET can send the following email message (in either the subject line or the body of the text) to



Membership to EPPNET will first be approved by the Northeast Recycling Council. To expedite this process, applicants should email a short description of their job to the listserv administrator, Ellen Pratt, at For more information, contact the Northeast Recycling Council at 802-254-3636, send email to, or see NERC’s website at

The Northeast Recycling Council was established in 1987 by the Eastern Regional Conference of the Council of State Governments. NERC is a non-profit, non-partisan organization, created, directed and supported by its member states. NERC membership comprises state recycling and solid waste directors, economic development officials, and representatives from Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont. NERC’s mission is to ensure the long-term viability of recycling in the Northeast while maximizing its full environmental and economic benefits.


Please welcome the following companies as new members of the New Jersey Buy Recycled Business Network:

  • Beneficial Corporation, Peapack, – Contact Douglas McNamara, 908-781-3287
  • East Coast Recycling Associates, Inc., Millville – Contact George P. Glenn, III, 609-327-8888
  • MMI, Oradell – Contact Ralph G. Mastrangelo, Jr., 201-634-9540
  • The Purchasing Department, Maplewood – Contact James T. Milway, 973-275-1188

The following Network members have changed their names:

  • DiMarco Disposal is now Waste Management of New Jersey, Inc.
  • Rainbow Environmental Products is now Rainbow Eco Specialties

Clean Earth & Sea, Inc. is now Total Recycling Services


New Jersey Buy Recycled Business Network
Joseph Verga, Bell Atlantic – Co-Chair
Steven Rinaldi, NJDEP, Bureau of Recycling and Planning – Co-Chair, 609-984-3438

Editor: Steven Rinaldi