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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Environmental Health and Assessment
Environmental health and assessment research has been conducted on a variety of environmental health issues. Research includes chromium, dioxin, asbestos, MBTE, metals in soils, public health tracking and fish advisories.

Staff Expertise

Gary Buchanan
Dan Millemann
Bruce Ruppel

The Potential Lead Exposure Mapping (PLEM) tool is designed to show potential sources of lead exposure. Phase I focuses on lead paint in housing as an indicator of potential child lead risk. Specifically, the tool allows users to visualize residential parcels (individual buildings) categorized by the year of construction (pre-1950, 1951-1978, post-1978), which align to the decreasing probability of lead paint exposure. The tool can be used by local health officers, community groups and other members of the public to better identify the older houses that have a higher risk of lead exposure potential and work to remediate the source impact.

Research Projects & Summaries

The Fate and Transport of Inorganic Contamination in New Jersey Soils - Final Report-

Division of Science and Research
Dr. Gary A. Buchanan, Director

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