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State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
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Mercury Research
Mercury studies include Mercury Fish Advisories, Mercury Task Force, and Mercury Switch Data Collection Project.


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Gary Buchanan
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Mercury Switch Data Collection Project

The mercury switch data collection pilot project was developed as part of the State of New Jersey’s efforts to reduce the amount of mercury in the environment. The goals were to determine the effectiveness of an End-of-Life Vehicle switch removal program and estimate the costs in order to develop and implement a cost effective and reliable program.

Research Update (2004) | Full Report (2004) | Research Project Summary (2006)

Mercury Task Force

The New Jersey Mercury Task Force was directed to complete the following tasks:

  1. Review the current science on: a) impacts of mercury pollution on public health and ecosystems; and b) mercury deposition, transport, and exposure pathways
  2. Inventory and assess current sources of mercury pollution to the extent feasible, including both in-state and regional sources of mercury pollution
  3. Utilizing available information, quantify mercury pollution's impact on New Jersey's ecosystems, public health, and tourism and recreation industries
  4. Review New Jersey's existing mercury pollution policies
  5. Develop a mercury pollution reduction plan for the State of New Jersey

Volume I: Executive Summary and Recommendations | Volume II: Exposure and Impacts | Volume III: Sources of Mercury to New Jersey's Environment | Task Force Presentation (1/3/2002)


Reports and Research Project Summaries

Division of Science and Research
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