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Vehicle Recycling General Permit Information
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Vehicle Recycling General Permit Information

Quick Guide


We are Committed to making compliance with the general stormwater as simple as possible. This quick guide will help you understand the core requirements of the permit. Please feel free to contact your permit writer or Compliance and Enforcement officer for more assistance. Please refer to your facility’s stormwater permit for more detailed information.

After you complete and submit your permit application, you will be issued an authorization to discharge under this master general permit so long as your facility meets the eligibility criteria. Upon receiving the permit, you must evaluate your site for environmental sources of concern. This can be accomplished simply by walking through your facility and identifying area(s) where source materials (e.g., engine blocks, vehicle fluids, etc.) are exposed to the elements. Start thinking about how you can minimize or eliminate these source materials from exposure to stormwater.

The next step is to establish how your facility operates when a vehicle arrives. The first area the facility needs to establish is the "Vehicle Inspection Area". Best management practices (BMPs) must be implemented at this area to assure environmental impacts are kept to a minimum. The Vehicle Inspection Area is where a leaking vehicle can be dealt with quickly with available absorbent materials. More detailed BMP information can be found on the Inbound Vehicle Inspection Area page.

After inspection, the vehicle must be drained of all fluids and dismantled. This must be performed in your facility's "Fluid Draining and Dismantling Area". This area has the option of being indoors or under cover on an impervious surface, such as a concrete pad. This area is designed to eliminate these source materials from exposure to stormwater. More detailed BMP information can be found on the Fluid Draining and Dismantling Area page.

After processing and draining the vehicle, you must store the fluids in your "Vehicle Fluid Storage Area". All drained fluids must be placed in secondary containment and labeled for easy identification of contents. More detailed BMP information can be found on the Vehicle Fluid Storage Area page.

Facilities that dismantle the vehicle and sell the parts must construct a "Vehicle Parts Storage Area". This is an area in which all engine blocks, cores, transmissions/drive components and other oily materials must be stored either indoors or in leak-proof containers on an impervious surface under cover. For example, parts can be stored on a shelf with a bermed concrete pad under a roof. More detailed BMP information can be found on the Vehicle Parts Storage page.

If the facility sells whole cars for resale, then you must designate an area for Operable Vehicle Storage Area. Operable vehicles are vehicles which can be started by a key and able to run continuously. These vehicles shall be stored in a designated area with their hoods down or by covering the engine compartment. Operable vehicles shall not leak or drip onto the ground or have pollutants exposed to stormwater. Parts which never contained fluids may be removed from vehicles stored in this area, such as head lights or bumpers.

The permit document contains additional BMP requirements as well as a requirement to maintain a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan on site. Please refer to the permit document for more specific information.


Quick Tips


This website is for guidance purposes only. Please refer to your permit authorization for specific information.

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