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Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Help and Template Sample

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Vehicle Recycling General Permit Information

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP)

Preparation of an SPPP helps permittees in identifying potential sources of pollution and in establishing best management practices to minimize and/or eliminate the exposure of these pollutant sources.

The SPPP is a document that your facility must prepare, maintain and sign. The information should include how your facility will addres the following BMPs:


oil barrel  


The SPPP shall also include the following:


oil sheen

Picture above is an example
of a visible sheen.


A sample template for a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Form can be located and used for your facility by clicking this link: SPPP Form .

Your SPPP must document your facility’s methods of cleaning this visible sheen. An example of a cleaning method includes an absorbant such as kitty litter.




This website is for guidance purposes only. Please refer to your permit authorization for specific information.

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