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Bureau of Stormwater Permitting
The Bureau of Stormwater Permitting is a part of the Division of Water Quality. It is responsible for controlling discharges of pollutants to surface water and ground water. The source of these pollutants is stormwater and industrial or sanitary wastewater.

Industrial Stormwater Permitting Program
This program regulates stormwater discharges to surface and ground water by issuing NJPDES permits to industries involved in manufacturing, processing, or storage of raw materials at industrial facilities.

Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program
The Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program addresses pollutants entering our waters from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) owned or operated by local, county, state, interstate, or federal government agencies.

Onsite Wastewater Management Program
This program maintains the regulations governing low volume residential and commercial onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic systems). These regulations contain requirements for the proper design, construction and operations of systems to protect public health and the environment. This program is coordinated with, and implemented through, the local health departments.

Discharge to Ground Water Permitting Program
This program regulates the discharge of pollutants to ground water through the issuance of NJPDES permits.

Individual Permits

Individual Stormwater Permit Individual Stormwater Permit
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