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The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program (NJEIFP) provides loans to local government for gray and green infrastructure projects. From 2000-2010 the NJEIFP awarded over $1.3 Billion to CSO projects. New Jersey has expanded the NJEIFP to not only continue to fund opportunities for green and gray infrastructure projects, but to fund the development and implementation of Long Term Control Plans as well. Applications for LTCP planning and design loans have no due date. Planning and Design loans will be 100% interest free for terms of up to 10 years with the expectation that the studies will result in a capital improvement project for the LTCP.

Camden County MUA-CSO
Solids and floatables control installed in Camden with funding provided by NJEIFP

Principal forgiveness and interest-free financing will also be made available to projects in a CSO sewershed through the Proposed Priority System, Intended Use Plan, and Project Priority List for Federal Fiscal Year 2016, issued by the Department on August 28, 2015. Construction projects sponsored by permittees or membership municipalities in the CSO sewershed that reduce or eliminate excessive infiltration/inflow or extraneous flow would qualify for DEP interest-free financing for 100% of the allowable project cost for a loan term of up to 30 years. Up to $3M in principal forgiveness ($1M per sponsor) will be awarded to CSO abatement projects utilizing green infrastructure.

In September 2015, the NJEIFP held a series of seminars focusing on the new financing available for CSO Permittees under the new IUP, as well as the following:

  • New Loan Programs and Legislative Changes;
  • New Project Prioritization and Principal Forgiveness;
  • Operational Changes; and,
  • New Federal Requirements

Video of one of the seminars can be viewed here: The New EIFP Seminar

To download the Intended Use Plan please visit

For more information on CSO specific funding please visit - New Funding Options Available for CSOs Under the NJEIFP

If you are new to the NJEIFP and would like additional information please contact the Department at (609)633-1169.

Additional financing is available through the following:

  • USEPA also provides funding options for green and gray infrastructure projects.
  • New Jersey Section 319(h) Grant Programwhich provides funding for watershed restoration projects. Nonprofits and local governments are among the list of eligible entities for 319h grants.


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